What Happened To Dr. Elizabeth, Why Did She Leave Dr Pol

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National Geographic Wild channel’s The Incredible Dr. Pol is a show that attracted a lot of followers even though it is not one that has been without its fair share of controversies. That said, the show was able to always keep fans coming back because of some incredible people such as Dr. Elizabeth Grammar who was to the surprise of many, suddenly away from the show.

Dr. Elizabeth is a doctor of veterinary medicine who has become a famous reality star thanks to her appearance in the National Geographic Wild show. Since her absence from the show, fans have not stopped asking what has happened to the beloved doctor.

Background Details and Rise to Fame

It was in 1973 that Elizabeth Grammar was born in Lamar County, Georgia. While there is no information regarding her parents and siblings, it is known that her interest in animals began since she was a child. This is due to the fact that she was brought up on a farm with many animals that she enjoyed caring for them. This would later become her major drive to study veterinary medicine.

For her education, Grammar went to the University Of Georgia College Of Veterinary Medicine from where she graduated. She began her career as a technician working at a large animal veterinary clinic.

She later got the opportunity to feature in the TV series documentary, The Incredible Dr. Pol together with others like Dr. Brenda Grettenberger and Dr. Emily. However, she did not stay for a long time before she finally disappeared from the show. Within her short stint on the series, she drew great fans for herself.

What Happened To Dr. Elizabeth?

Towards the end of 2016, Elizabeth Grammar and her husband Robert Jason Grammer were caught in a very tragic event that left her husband dead while she spent some time in the hospital.

In the bizarre and tragic event, it was reported that Robert who was a welder for many years had too much drink (beer and vodka) that day. He asked her for some medication and with her knowledge in the field of medicine, she gave him butorphanol, a Schedule IV narcotic. Soon afterward, he was unresponsive.

Robert Grammer was rushed to Monroe County Hospital before he was later taken to Macon Medical Center. There, he remained on life support for some time before he was finally taken off and he died on December 30, 2016. Grammar who was born on November 2, 1968, was 48 at the time of his death. He was buried at Coggins Funeral Home in Thomaston on January 2, 2017.

Robert was brought up by his parents Dell Land Harris and Terry Grammar together with his siblings Terrie Rosborough, Shelby Reid, and a brother who had died before him, Joseph Wade Grammar.

Even before Robert was taken off life support, another tragedy was averted when on December 28, 2017, Elizabeth Grammar was found unresponsive in her home. She was found by Dep. Cynthia Patten who was dispatched to the residence. Dr. Elizabeth was found with an IV in her arm and the IV bag hanging from the ceiling in what was said to be a suicide attempt.

Grammar was subsequently rushed to the Monroe County Hospital. It was there that she was revived before she was then moved to the psychiatric ward of Macon Medical Center where her husband was still on life support.

According to the Sheriff of Lamar County where the couple lived, the case was going to be handed over to the office of Jonathan Adams, who was the district attorney so that he could decide the charges that would be filed against her. However, nothing on the case has been made public since then.

Elizabeth Grammar and her late husband had children including Kourtney Jones, Kaeli (Cody) Gibson, Nick (Sloan) Grammar, and Nelson (Jeannie) Grammar.

Why Did She Leave Dr. Pol?

Since her departure from the show, there is yet to be any formal statement as regards why she left the show. However, it may not be unconnected to the tragedies that had befallen her as well as the personal issues she had.

Based on speculations, she may also be having some legal battles on the case of misuse of substance and attempted suicide. If the cases are on, they may drag into a year or more of investigations before her fate is known.

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