What Happened To Matt On Alaskan Bush People, Why Did He Return?

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The Alaskan Bush People is a reality TV series that has aired since 2004 on The Discovery Channel. The series is in its 10th season and has millions of people following it. The reality show follows a complex large family – The Brown’s, who live an adventurous solitary life in Alaska, though in the recent season they have moved to Washington. This family is led by Billy – their father and Ami – their mother who have criminal records as Billy was charged with horse theft and his wife for welfare fraud.

However, the family drama would be incomplete without their seven kids; Matt, Snowbird, Rain, Bear, Gabe, Joshua “Bam Bam”, and Noah. It is also worth knowing that many people feel that most of their scenes are scripted even though the show claims to be a reality show.

What Happened To Matt On The Alaskan Bush People Show?

As mentioned earlier, Matt Brown is one of the many children of Billy Brown and Ami Brown. However, some time into the show, Billy kicked Matt out of Alaskan Bush People which subsequently led to him leaving home. His mother who has always stood by Billy did not take this decision well as she is practically distressed from not knowing the whereabouts of her son.

One might condemn Billy for treating Matt harshly but an in-depth look into the story shed more light on the events that led to the father forcing his son off the show. Well, the problem is not a secret as Matt is known to have a long-standing substance abuse problem. Though he had been to rehab before, there was a relapse and his father couldn’t tolerate it. This caused Matt to pick up his things and leave to a life of freedom and no judgments

Matt’s story seems to be one of the most pitiable, he has tasted the rough roads of life. Between 2016 and 2019, he has visited the rehab center three times which shows that he doesn’t like his addiction to alcohol as he is putting in a lot of effort into fighting it. However, barely 30 days after his visit to the rehab in 2018, he found himself back to addiction and had to go back to rehab only 3 months after he left. His family had always wanted him to get cleaned up and so rendered all the support they could give. It’s a pathetic situation Matt has gotten himself into because the struggle is quite in the open and he might feel condemned by the public who have the right to their opinions.

Besides having to manage his addiction issues, in 2017, Matt was involved in an accident that barely spared his life. The incident took place when he tried to store a mason jar with gunpowder and cannon fuse in his fridge which eventually led to an explosion. The accident left Matt with severe head injuries that required intensive care. The Alaskan Bush People actor describes the incident as a nightmare and he only remembers grabbing a towel and tape to stop the gushing flow of blood trickling down his face after the accident. Matt later revealed that he was trying to make a bear repellant but things were taken too far and his carelessness got out of hand.

Why Did Matt Return To Alaskan Bush People?

Upon Matt’s departure from home, he didn’t communicate with his parents for over a month which got his mum – Ami very worried and uncomfortable. A couple of Alaskan Bush People fans uploaded pictures they had taken with Matt Brown in a town and the Browns used this information to locate him. His father asked him to come back home and he was given the opportunity to join the show once more. However, he wasn’t given this on a platter of gold as he was asked to get clean to enjoy the privileges.

Amazingly, the young man started taking steps towards becoming sober again. He enrolled in a 30-day program tagged Betty Ford Clinic that took place in Palm Springs. It is rather awkward that Billy failed on his own part because when Matt was done with rehab with the hope of joining the show, he was pushed aside by his father for no reason. This, of course, didn’t go down well with his wife Ami whose heart is torn apart by the love she has for both Billy and her son, Matt.

In the new season, Ami might be making an attempt to restore the father-son relationship and rumors have it that Matt might finally be joining the show. Moreso, given the recent decline in the show’s audience, it would only be wise to get Matt back on board since he seems to have the largest fan base amongst his siblings

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