What Happened to Rose Bundy ‘Ted Bundy’s Daughter’ and Where is She Now?

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While Ted Bundy lived, he was good at sending many people to their early graves without considering the hurt inflicted on their families. Looking at his evil deeds, one might tend to believe that he never had a family of his own and was probably never loved by anyone. The reverse, however, was the case. Ted, at the time he was prowling on his victims and even afterward, was loved by his wife Carole Ann Boone. Despite his incarceration, Carole maintained a good number of conjugal visits through which she conceived and bore Ted a daughter she named Rose Bundy.

Seeing who Rose Bundy’s father was and how her mother was able to conceive her at the time, knowing very well what her partner was in for (facing death sentence due to several murders he committed), whenever Ted Bundy’s murder stories are told, people will always ask questions about where she is now, what she grew up to become. We embarked on a quest for that information and our findings are presented below.

Background Information On Rose Bundy

Rose Bundy was conceived at a time when her father was held at the Florida State Prison in Bradford County, Florida. He was awaiting his execution by electrocution after he was convicted of murder and sentenced to death for the third time. However, despite the fate that hung around Ted’s neck, his wife Carole Ann Boone seemed to have an unflinching love for her murderous lover.

For their marriage, Ted, as a good student of law was able to take advantage of a Floridan law which has it that provided a judge is present in a court when a marriage declaration was made, the marriage was legal. Thus, while being questioned in one of his trials, he asked Carole to marry him to which she agreed.

As Carole remained devoted to Ted, she embarked on a number of conjugal visits to the prison and it was during such visits that she conceived Rose Bundy. Conjugal visits were by no means allowed at the Raiford prison at the time but inmates were known to bribe prison officers to have intimacy with female visitors when they wanted. How much more someone as manipulative as Ted. Thus, despite having wasted many lives, the murderer was able to make another life with Carole while waiting for his own life to be stifled as justice demanded. When Carole got pregnant and word got out about it, many people expressed their displeasure on why Ted was granted such liberty. On the other hand, others questioned if truly Ted was the father of Carole’s unborn baby.

On October 24, 1982, Carole gave birth to a daughter she named Rose Bundy and also named Ted as her baby’s father. At the time Rose was born, she wasn’t Carole’s first child as she already had a teenage son named James from a previous marriage. On the other hand, Rose was Bundy’s first biological child but before her, he had served as a father to his ex-girlfriend’s (Elizabeth Kloepfer) daughter named Tina. Kloepfer had Tina from a previous marriage she was in before she got divorced and later met Ted.

Where is Rose Bundy Now?

Though Carole Ann Boone loved Ted Bundy to a great extent, even while he was on death row, up to the extent of carrying and giving birth to his child, her love for him waned considerably following Bundy’s death row confessions. Reports have it that she even refused a last phone call from him before he was executed on January 24, 1989.

About 4 years before his execution, Carole divorced Ted and left Florida for Washington with Rose Bundy. Reports have it that Rose was also not allowed to have any contact with her father before his execution.

Many years have passed since then and going by when Rose was born, she is an adult by now. However, just like her mother, she has avoided publicity in every way possible and nothing much is known about her. Several theories exist about what became of her and her mother after her father’s execution but none of these is factual. At best, it is believed that Rose Bundy took up a different name and now lives a quiet life.

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