When Is Avatar 2 Coming Out, What Will It Be About?

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If you’ve been a longtime follower of and his films, then you’re well aware that the longer it takes to make them, the better it would be. That said, fans and critics alike seem to be struggling with the overly prolonged wait for the release of Avatar 2. Cameron’s Titanic, once the highest-grossing film ever, took a whopping ten years to make and his next major film, Avatar which would shatter records by grossing about $2.8 billion took about 15 years to make.

Cameron first began to put Avatar to work in the year 1994 when he had just completed the writing of the 80-page treatment. At the box office, Avatar became the first film to gross $2 billion and it would take another 10 years before another film would achieve the feat and this was done by Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame which like Avatar, grossed about $2.8 billion. Suspicions are that with the release of the four sequels of Avatar, Cameron’s film would once again claim the throne of the world’s highest-grossing film.

When Is Avatar 2 Coming Out?

All things being equal, Avatar 2 was supposed to have been released in December 2014 and its three subsequent sequels all released, perhaps with the last one in 2019, but that has not been the case. The release date of this film has undergone several changes, being pushed further about three or four times as a result of several reasons, stemming from expanding to include one more sequel to what Cameron described as a “very involved” writing and a suspected feared clash with 2017’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi which obviously wouldn’t have been too good, financially-speaking.

Avatar 2 was at some point slated for a December 2020 release but was shifted again to precisely December 17, 2021. Thankfully, filming has now begun and not only for Avatar 2 but 3, 4 and 5 as well. Cameron has said that after the first sequel hits the theaters, the subsequent ones would have not more than a year gap between them, according to Cameron, this is one of the major reasons why it is taking so long to unload the sequels.

What Will Avatar 2 Be About?

Being that Avatar 2 has not yet been released, the full plot remains slightly shrouded in mystery, however, a couple of hints and clues have surfaced since it was teased in 2014.

Unlike most film series out there, Avatar and its sequels would all tell stand-alone stories, rather than just a continuation from where the preceding film ended. Cameron aptly stated that one does not need to have watched the first Avatar film to understand Avatar 2 or any of the three other sequels. Each would come with its own conclusion. He has also hinted that the film would include “familial and imprisonment” themes. Still set in Pandora, Avatar 2 would begin its story years from where the first film ended.

Jake Sully, (portrayed by ) now a Na’vi, has begun a family with his princess Neytiri () and they enjoy married life while exploring beyond the borders of Pandora and making new allies with the help of their free-diving clan known as Metkayina with Tonowari as their leader.

Sully and Neytiri now have three children together, including Neteyam, the eldest child (who would reportedly be 8 years old); second-born Lo’ak; and the last child Tuktirey all portrayed by new additions to the cast – young actors Jamie Flatters, Britain Dalton, and Trinity Bliss respectively. In addition to these three kids, four other young actors join the cast, they include Jon Champion, a human named Javier “Spider” Socorro who was born in a human facility in Pandora but is fascinated by the Pandora environment and cares less about spending time within the human facility.

The three other kids are part of the free-diving clan of Metkayina, they are expert free-diver Tsireya (portrayed by Bailey Bass), and hunter and free-divers Aonung and Rotxo played by Filip Geljo and Duane Evans Jr. respectively. These kids and some cast members of the film had to take free-diving lessons in preparation for their role.

With a lot of free-divers, there is obviously going to be a lot of underwater scenes in Avatar 2 which, judging by James Cameron’s standards, would come in mind-blowing visuals; he has already stated that the film’s appearance would be “too advanced for imagination.”

Evading and disturbing the peace of the Sully family and their adventures down below are of course the R.D.A. forces who obviously have unfinished business. The main villain of the sequels has been revealed to be Colonel Miles Quaritch (who was thought dead in the first film) played by .

Though the first sequel has largely been referred to as Avatar 2, a report from the BBC reveals that it could be named Avatar: The Way of Water.

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