Who are Maroon 5 Members and Their Lead Singer – Adam Levine? 

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In 1994, a group of 4 high school boys had a crush on a girl named Kara. Fuelled by this common crush, they named their newly formed band, Kara’s Flowers. Three albums later, without any success, the band remained until after its 1999 album that failed to make any significant impact that could see them to the limelight. In 2001, Kara’s Flower was back but this time around, it was as Maroon 5.

Many years later, the group had come to be recognized as one of the best band in the world with millions of albums sold, multiple Grammys in the bag, American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, and many more achievements to show.

Although it is Adam Levine that many have come to know, Maroon 5 still has other very important members, some of whom have sustained since the formation of the band in the early 1990s. More so, while it has lost some members on the way, the band has also got others.

Members of Maroon 5

Your guts tell you maroon 5 is a 5-man band but it isn’t so. The band actually has 6 members and sometimes, they get to 7.

1. Adam Levine

Born on 18 March 1979, is the leader of the band and its lead singer. He is among the 4 founding members of the original band in 1994 and has insisted that he will never have a solo career although he has been featured in a number of songs.

The singer got married to Behati Prinsloo in 2014 and the couple is now blessed with two kids.

2. Mickey Madden

Born on May 13, 1979, he is Maroon 5’s bassist and is among the founders of Kara’s Flowers and has been there through the breaking of Kara’s Flower and the starting of Maroon 5.

Somehow, he has managed to escape too much attention, although he was arrested on cocaine charges in 2016 but agreed to a deal of community service. Even as he is not married, he has dated a number of women in the past.

3. Jesse Carmichael

Another member of the band that has been there since 1994, Jesse was born on April 2, 1979. Apart from being the guitarist of the band and also playing the keyboard, Jesse also writes songs.

In 2012, he took a break from the band to study music and the healing arts. At that time, he also pursued a solo career, which led to his release of Four Songs album under the name 1863. In 2014, he was back to the band in time for the release of its highly successful Overexposed album. He is not married but he is in a relationship.

4. James Valentine

The first person to become a member of Maroon 5 outside of the original Kara’s Flower’s members was who joined in 2001 before the name was changed to what it is today. He is the guitarist of the pop-rock band.

Before joining the band, he had played guitar with a number of other bands since 1996: Montag, Kid Quarkstar, Mondello and Happy Dog.  He has also played for artists like Jenny Lewis and both in 2006, JJAMZ in 2012, PJ Morton in 2013 and The Yellow River Boys also in 2013.

James Burgon Valentine was born on October 5, 1978. The guitarist is not married.

5. Matt Flynn

After a wrist injury forced Ryan Dusick to leave the band in 2006, Matt Flynn became the new member of the band to serve as its drummer. Before then, he had played for different bands: The B-52’s, Chicago, Gavin DeGraw, and Gandhi.

Flynn was born on May 23, 1970, and is married to Heidi Ford with whom he has two children.


6. PJ Morton

He joined the band in 2012, but before then, he was a part of it as a touring member since from 2010 as a keyboardist. After Jesse Carmichael took a break from the band, he became an official member and has been in all the albums of the band since then, even after the return of Jesse.

Born Paul Morton Jr. on March 29, 1981, to a father who was a preacher, PJ is also a record producer and he has a solo career that has thus far seen him release 4 albums since 2005. His last two albums are New Orleans (2013) and Gumbo (2017). He is married to Kortni Morton.

7. Sam Farrar

Also a record producer, Sam was born on June 29, 1978. He became a member of Maroon 5 in 2016. Before then, he was a part of the pop band from 2012 to 2016 as a touring member. The lead guitarist of the band, he also played for Phantom Planet before the rock band took its indefinite break. He has also played for Operation Aloha, Bubble and Strife, and Jasmine Ash.

The guitarist is married to Stephanie Eitel with whom he has two children; a daughter and a son.

Ryan Dusick is the 4th member of Kara’s Flower and he transitioned with the band to Maroon 5, however, he left in 2006. Before then, he was the drummer of the band.

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