Who Is Alex Ich? Is He Married, Who Is His Wife?

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About a decade or two ago, there were several things one dared not aspire to make a career out of. For instance, it would have been unthinkable and regarded as foolish for one to hope for growing his social media presence for the sake of being an influencer. In the same manner, it was outrightly not even an option for one to consider playing games as a profession. Gaming was exclusively only another way of having fun. But it’s a different world today and people like Alex Ich have found a way to make a living out of things that were initially regarded as a hobby and a medium of whiling away time.

Who Is Alex Ich?

Born on the 31st of January 1992 as Aleksei Ichetovkin, Alex Ich is from Kamensky, Russia. That’s pretty much as far as anyone can tell about Mr. Ich’s background. Details of his early life, family, and education are largely unknown and our efforts to learn about these things are yet to yield any meaningful results.

While there are a thousand and one things people don’t know about Alex, it is common knowledge he’s majorly celebrated for being a League of Legends (LoL) mid Lane player. For those who don’t know, LoL is an online video game whereby a player, controlling a single character, competes with a team against another team of players.

The multiplayer action real-time strategy game of Riot Games is regarded as one of the most prominent and biggest electronic sports. Among the multitude of video games competition, League of Legends stands out not only because of its Championship Series and the many tournaments that hold annually across the globe, it is equally one of the most lucrative pro gaming franchise. A few years ago, precisely in mid-2016, it that LoL is among the top 5 games in e-sports’ history with over 4 thousand players, almost 2000 tournaments and more than US$29 million in prize money.

To the best of our knowledge, Alex Ich has been involved with the League of Legends since 2009. According to him, he is now exploring opportunities as a positional coach and analyst. It was in 2010 that Alex started trying his hands on LoL pro gaming. He became a member of a handful of teams but only gained significant attention when he became a member of Team Empire in October 2011. With the team in 2012, he got to play for Moscow Five (M5) at the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) in Kiev, Ukraine where his popularity soared after the team won the IEM Qualifiers.

With M5, an eSports establishment based in Russia, Alex Ich competed in the Kings of Europe tournament, the IEM World Championship, Corsair Vengeance Cup and a number of other tournaments all over the world until 2013 when he and his Team Empire mates joined the Gambit Gaming. With the organization, Alex and his gaming partners – Edward, Genja, Darien, and Diamondprox – kept up with their exceptional performance and their fame continued to surge.

But then, in 2014, Alex Ich decided that he’s done with Gambit. It is said that he left because the schedule of the team was eating away his relationship with his family. Leaving Gambit, he joined Rox in 2014 but soon left the team for Team 8 the following year (2015). That same year, he created Misfits with Remilia (Maria Creveling), Crumbz (Alberto Rengifo), RF Legendary (Oleksii Kuziuta), and Intense (Ritchie Ngo) as teammates. Misfits later became Renegades and following controversial shady dealings identified between Renegades and the North American Team Dragon Knights (TDK) which saw Riot Games ban the latter team from participating in any of its sponsored leagues, Alex became a substitute mid lane player for Team EnVyUs.


Is He Married, Who Is His Wife?

If you must talk about Alex’s love life, you just have to mention Yekaterina Ichetovkina, the woman he married about half a decade ago. Yeah, Alex Ich has been husband to Yekaterina since 31st August 2012.

It is said that Alex is one of the not very many League of Legends players who are married. Based on what this LoL star has shared, he’s been having a healthy relationship with his wife and they have a child together.

Apparently, Yekaterina is proud of what her husband does. She even to keep pursuing a career in esports when he wanted to abandon the path for a more conventional profession.

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