IT Chapter Two: Release Date, Cast, What To Expect

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If you are a fan of horror films then the movie title IT will certainly be familiar to you. IT is a horror, mystery and fantasy film which premiered on the 5th of September 2017. The series and all its subsequent sequels were based on a horror novel of the same title written by . The novel tells the story a demonic shape-shifting clown who emerged from a sewer to terrorize the town of Derry, Maine. The clown’s greatest weapon is the fears of its prey which it uses against them. IT thrilled horror movie lovers and it is expected that the just sequel will do so again. News about this new movie trended worldwide and was met with high expectations. IT Chapter Two was directed by Andy Muschietti and was written by Gary Dauberman. Its producers include Barbara Muschietti, Dan Lin, and Roy Lee.

The Prequel

IT: Chapter Two has only one prequel which was released in 2017 known as IT, retroactively referred to as IT Chapter One. However, the 2017 version of IT was not the first introduction of the movie to the world. It was first adapted in 1990 as a miniseries which aired on ABC and contained the plot of both the first and second installment of the films. This will come as no surprise if you are familiar with Stephen King’s novel of the same name.

The miniseries was released from November 18 – November 20, 1990. The plot of this series is stratified in two. One set in 1960 and revolved around a group of ostracized children who make up the Losers Club. The children encounter a horrifying monster in the form of a clown who takes and kills children. The second plot begins when the first ends after the children were able to cast the evil demon away from there hometown. They knew it will rise again so they make a vow to defeat it if and when it returns. Set in 1960, the second plot tells the story of the kids, now adults who came back to their home town to finally decimate the creature which had returned.

In IT Chapter One (2017), a child mysteriously disappears on a rainy day in Derry town. His brother, who couldn’t forgive himself for his loss, begins a search for him with a group of newly found friends. Together, they are the Losers Club – as they were regarded as losers by everyone in the school. In their quest to find the missing child, they find a body-altering clown who visits the town after every 27 years to steal children. Side by side, they banish the evil creature known as Pennywise from the town. However, the creature is not killed and the children vow to put an end to “IT”. The major casts in the film include , , , , , and as Pennywise. It was a high grossing movie with box office sales of $700 million.

What To Expect In IT Chapter Two

A lot of horror movie fans, as well as good-movie lovers, were asking for what to expect from this chilling horror sequel. IT: Chapter Two was met with high expectations from both the producers, distributors and fans. Its producers expect it to be more commercially successful than its prequel, whereas the audience is hoping for more intrigue, suspense, and entertainment.

The movie which is based on the novel IT, which was published in 1986, follows the storyline of the 2nd plot of the miniseries. In this sequel, the children (the Losers Club members) are now adults. The movie is set 27 years after the prequel, precisely in 2016. The members of the Losers Club are obliged to return back to their hometown, Derry to once again confront the monster, Pennywise who has returned eat children. The adults are faced with a more vicious enemy who has awaited their return for many long years.

Speaking on the movie before it was released, Andy Muschietti, the movie’s director told fans to expect a lot of humor, emotion, and horror. He added that it was going to be scarier and more intense. He advised that moviegoers should go with their adult diapers to the theaters.

Who Are the Cast of IT Chapter Two?

Bill Skarsgård reprises his character as Pennywise in this sequel. However, there were major additions in the members of the Loser’s Club as they are now adults. The cast include as Bill Denbrough, Bill Hader as Richie Tozier, as Eddie Kaspbrak, Andy Bean as Stanley Uris, as Ben Hanscom and Isaiah Mustafa as Mike Hanlon.


Release Date

The excitement among fans and movie lovers as the movie was still in the works reached the peak, and it was all worth the wait as on September 6, 2019, this much-anticipated horror film was released much to the joy of its fans. The theaters were jammed and in the opening week of its release, the movie already boasted of more than double of its budget from a production budget of $60-79 million. There is no doubt IT: Chapter Two will be a commercial success.

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