Who Is Debbie Harry? Here Are 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

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For those who don’t know her, the name Debbie Harry might not sound too familiar. But when her accomplishments and the events of her life start getting mentioned, it will surely pique your curiosity to be desirous of learning about this beauty and one of America’s finest who reigned supreme for many years in the new wave music movement. Find out below, more about this classic woman.

Who is Debbie Harry?

The sensational singer was born many years ago in Miami, Florida, the U.S. – precisely on July 1, 1945. Her mother was a talented pianist who, unfortunately, was not ready to keep her when she was born. Subsequently, Debbie was adopted at just about 3 months old by Richard Smith Harry and Catherine (née Peters) Harry who changed her birth name from Angela Trimble to Deborah Ann Harry. She grew up with her adoptive parents and by the age of 4, Debbie found out she was adopted. After about 3 decades, around the 80s, she tracked down her mother who still refused to have contact with her.

Coming back to her childhood life with the Harry’s, Deborah got enrolled at Hawthorne High School from where she graduated in the year 1963 and proceeded to Centenary College located in Hackettstown, New Jersey. At the college, she bagged an Associate of Arts degree in 1965 and began pursuing her career in earnest.

Debbie Harry relocated to New York and secured a job as a secretary at BBC’s Radio office. She did this job for one year before getting another one as a waitress at Max’s Kansas City. Her second job was followed by another as a dancer in a discothèque in Union City, New Jersey, then came the swinging 60s when she began working as a Playboy Bunny prior to which she ventured into music in the late 60s.

She subsequently began her singing career as a backup singer with the band The Wind in the Willows which was a folk rock music group. As time passed, she left this first band and joined Stilettoes in 1974 where she met her future boyfriend Chris Stein, Elda Gentile and Amanda Jones.

Shortly afterwards, the duo of Debbie and Chris left the Stilettoes to form Angel and the Snake with Tish Bellomo and Snooky Bellomo before they (Debbie and Chris) moved out again to now form the band Blondie. The new band from inception was an instant success with commercially successful albums like Blondie (1976), Autoamerican (1980), No Exit (1999) and others.

In total, Blondie recorded 11 studio albums, performed 4 live albums, with 14 compilation albums, 3 remix albums, 38 singles with over 40 million albums sold. They split around 1982 following a series of challenges they had with their unsuccessful 6th studio album, slow sales ticket for their world tour and Chris Stein’s ill health. Nevertheless, the band revived their mojo in 1997 with the release of their 7th studio album which peaked favourably in the UK at #1.

Debbie Harry went solo in 1981 and recorded albums like KooKoo (1981), Def, Dumb & Blonde (1989), Necessary Evil (2007) and a couple of others.

5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

1. Net Worth

Debbie Harry has been enjoying a successful career, though she might not be singing much these days due to old age, her works still speak volumes of how pleasant her musical acts were back in the days. For all that she has done, the Hawthorne, New Jersey raised musician has a net worth reported to be at $20 million.

2. Relationship/s and Sexuality

Though we know a lot about her musical prowess and how successful her career is. Not much is known about the relationship status of Debbie, at least in the context of being married which we can all curiously prod.

However, we know that while she was in the band Blondie, she became the girlfriend of guitarist Chris Stein. When Chris was suffering from a rare autoimmune disease known as Pemphigus, Debbie took time off her music career to care for the only man we know her to be romantically involved with.

Sadly, what was between them wasn’t such that would lead to marriage or have them stay long together. The two broke up in 1989 but still maintained a formal relationship with each other. Many years later in 2014, Debbie Harry disclosed that she is bisexual.


3. Body Measurements

Debbie stands at a height of 1.6 m or 5 feet 2 inches and weighs about 58 kg or 128 lbs. Her other body measurements were obtained as a chest size of 34 inches or 86.4 cm, waist of 24 inches or 61 cm and hips that measure 34 inches or 86.4 cm.

4. Plastic Surgery

The question of whether or not Debbie has had plastic surgery is one that many are still not yet clear about. But here is what we know. Debbie, in a , was quoted as admitting that she had plastic surgery in 2009 to “still stay in the game.” She disclosed it was entirely for business as being an entertainer, she had to maintain/retain her looks.

5. Film Credits

The singer who originally began singing in her church choir also has some film works to her credit. She notably starred in “Mother Goose Rock ‘n’ Rhyme” (1990), “The Tulse Luper Suitcases Part 1: The Moab Story” (2003), “River of Fundament” (2014) and many others.

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