Who is Dianne Feinstein, How Old is She? Her Net Worth, Husband or Spouse

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Dianne Feinstein is one of the top American female politicians who has contributed her own quota to the advancement of the governance system in her home country through her service as a senior United States Senator from California. Before this, she held various laudable public service positions including the post of Mayor of San Francisco as a Democratic Party member(1978 to 1988), as well as the only female politician to have led the Senate Rules Committee from the year 2007 to 2009. She also holds the record of polling 7.75 million votes which made her the most popular candidate voted for in the history of the U.S. Senate elections. Here are more interesting facts about the versed politician.

Who is Dianne Feinstein, How Old is She?

Dianne Feinstein was born, Dianne Emiel Goldman to his father; Leon Goldman, a surgeon, and his mother; Betty(an ex-model) on the 22nd of June 1933, in San Francisco, the United States of America. As a teenager, she attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart High School, located in San Francisco, from where she later graduated in the year 1951. For her college education, Dianne gained admission into Stanford University to study Arts and History and in 1955, she successfully graduated having met the school’s requirements.

Before she had any political ambitions, she worked with the “Coro Foundation” in California and was also chosen by the former Governor of  California to function as a member in the “California Women’s Parole Board.” Dianne Feinstein became part of those elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1969, a position she occupied for nine years. During this time, she tried and failed to get elected as the Mayor of San Fransico two times in a row. First, she was defeated by Joseph Alito in 1971 and then later by John Barbagelata in 1975.

Due to Feinstein’s decision to run for the post of mayor as well as her stances on a good number of political issues, she became a target of assassination in the 70s. First, it was a bomb planted on her windowsill which didn’t explode, thankfully. The second was an attack on her beach house where the windows of the home were shot at in hopes of hitting her there, but luckily for her, she wasn’t there at the time.

Political Career 

Her chance at becoming mayor came on the 4th of December 1978 after the president of the Supervisors Board, Moscone, died. She did by serving out the remainder of his tenure as mayor. But she was elected to the position after her great performance, one of which was the move for the renovation of the cable cars systems in San Francisco which cost $60 million to accomplish and this led to Feinstein’s re-election to a second term. Thus she was mayor from 1978 to 1988(10 years)

In the year 1990, the former mayor entered the gubernatorial race to become the governor of California but she lost out to then-Republican Senator, Pete Wilson, who vacated his senatorial post to assume office as a governor. Two years later, Dianne Feinstein became the second woman from California to be elected to the  United States Senate in 1992.

She became the oldest serving Senator of the United States as well as the longest-serving female Senator as at 2017. Dianne has also declared officially her interest for a re-run of her senatorial seat in 2018.

Her Net Worth

Dianne Feinstein is a financially successful public servant whose several years in various political positions has made her a force to be reckoned with in the government scene. No doubt she has also managed to amass a considerable amount of earning over the years from her remunerations as well as her earning from investments. She was thus ranked as the fifth wealthiest senator in 2003, with a net worth of over $26 million. As at 2018, her net worth had grown remarkably to stand at a whopping $94 million, making her the second richest serving senator in America.

Personal Life- Husband or Spouse

In the course of her personal life, Dianne Feinstein has been married to three different men. Her first marriage occurred in 1956 and this was to Jack Berman(d. 2002). At the time of their marriage, Jack was employed at the District Attorney’s Office in San Fransico. They welcomed their first and only daughter together in the year 1957 and she is named, Katherine Feinstein Mariano(the San Francisco Superior Court’s presiding judge for twelve years). In 1960 Dianne and her husband filed for a divorce just after three years together as a couple.


Moving on from the divorce, Dianne began dating Bertram Feinstein(a neurosurgeon) shortly after she ventured into politics. The pair tied the knot in 1962 but tragedy struck when Bertram was diagnosed with cancer. He lost the battle and died in 1978.

Not quite long after her second husband’s death, Dianne met investment banker, Richard .C. Blum and by 1980, they walked down the aisle to become a married couple. The two have been married since then.

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