Who is Drena De Niro, Robert De Niro’s Daughter? Siblings, Parents, Children

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People of honor spend an entire lifetime building legacies for their future generations and one of such legacies come in the form of a good name. A good name becomes a trust that people can count on and work with even in your absence. This is often the case because of the history behind the name. There is an expectation required of those that carry the name because of the history behind the name, and in Hollywood, it is no different. Children of prolific and legendary actors carry an air of authenticity that their surname suggests. One of such cases is Drena De Niro, the daughter of Hollywood icon,

The are other names you can point to which has become a brand in the film business over the years such as The Eastwoods, The Smiths, The Murdochs, The Baldwins, The Wayanses, to mention just a few. The focus of this piece, however, is on the De Niros, with special emphasis on his daughter, Drena. Learn a little more about the actress/producer by reading below.

Who is Drena De Niro?

The name De Niro strikes fear into anyone who hears it. Maybe its his personality or his history of playing mob characters on screen, showing a viciousness and ruthlessness that puts the audience at the edge of their seat, there is no doubt it carries a certain power and that has been very useful for Drena De Niro, the daughter of Robert De Niro who was born on the 3rd of September 1967. Her mother, was in a relationship with another man when she was born and she was adopted by Robert when Dianne and Robert got married ten years after her birth.

People often say if you travel widely enough and have an empathetic heart, you will either become an activist or an artist. For Drena, who spent her childhood and teenage years between Los Angeles, Italy and New York, she became an artist. She has worked in various aspects of the creative industry as a model, DJ, fashion consultant and currently as a film producer and actress.

Unfortunately, public information about her life excludes her education history but when you’ve grown up in three of the most cultural cities in the world, what other education do you need?

Drena started her life as a creative in the modeling industry. Her interest in fashion as a form of art made her into a model and then further into a DJ and Fashion Consultant. In her early days into the industry, she worked with Giorgio Armani as a music supervisor, creating the music for the fashion Brand’s runway shows.

Most people go through the training process of acting before debuting in a film but that isn’t the story of Drena. She starred in Grace of My Heart, an Allison Anders’s film in 1996 before she sat down to learn under acting experts like Larry Moss and Susan Batson. She followed her debut film with films like Wag the Dog and Too Tired to Die in 1997 and 1998 respectively.

Since her modeling career days, Drena has always been interested in the encompassing nature of each form of art and it continued in filmmaking when she decided to become a producer and a director. She wrote and directed her first project, a documentary titled Girls and Dolls. She won the Best Directorial Debut Award at the New York Independent Film/Video Festival in 2001 for her efforts.

So far, she has starred in a total of 30 films since her debut and appeared in three Television shows. She is a philanthropist who works with a charity organization, Kageno Orphan Sponsorship Program dedicated to providing for orphans in Kageno villages.

Siblings, Parents

As mentioned earlier, Drena is the daughter of the actress, Diahnne Abbott and an adoptive daughter of Robert De Niro after his marriage to her mother. Her mother was married to De Niro from 1976 to 1988 and in the process, she gained a few siblings.

Drena’s siblings are a direct sibling from her mother, Raphael De Niro and her half brothers and sisters – Aaron Kendrick De Niro, Elliot De Niro, Helen Grace De Niro, Julian Henry De Niro.

Is Drena De Niro Married? Children

Drena De Niro has a child, Leandro De Niro Rodriguez. The identity of the father is currently unknown but his last name suggests a man named Rodriguez. So far, her only public relationship till date is with Austin Young to whom she was formerly engaged.


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