Who Is Kathy Bates? How Old and How Tall Is The Misery Actress?

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If there is an actress from the 70s who is as loved as peers like Merryl Streep, it would be Kathy Bates. Since she came onto the scene in 1971, she has put in decades into acting and upped her game from just being an actress to producing and directing. Her portfolio at the moment has her listed as one of the popular names in Hollywood. The successful multi-award-winning actress and film director is well known for her breakout role as Annie Wilkes in Misery but has since been a part of other bigger movies.

Considering her size and the amount of time she has spent on the acting scene, many often wonder how old Kathy Bates is. Read on for the answer to that and more details about the life of the actress.

Who Is Kathy Bates and How Old Is She?

Bates was born into a family of five in Memphis Tennessee on June 28, 1948. Her father was Langdon Doyle Bates an engineer and her mother Bertye Kathleen a housewife. She grew up alongside two older sisters whose names she has not revealed. Bates had her high school education at White Station High School, finished up in 1965 and moved on to study Theatre Arts at Southern Methodist University from where she graduated 4 years later. Having gotten her degree, she made a big move and relocated to New York City for better opportunities to kick start her career.

On her arrival to New York, Bates took odd jobs to get by while in search of acting roles. A year after her arrival in 1971, she got her debut appearance in the film Taking Off. Next, she acted in the 1976 movie Vanities (1976), following which she got the necessary connection to her next role in Straight Time (1978). Since then, Bates has had her time on several big and commercially successful movies like Night, Mother (1983), which earned her a Tony Award nomination.

1990 brought the big break Kathy Bates had always hoped for, she featured in Misery as Annie Wilkes, which turned out to be a hit and brought Bates and her acting skills to the limelight. The film also earned her two awards; an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award.

Bates’ ability to adapt to different characters was seen as she featured in many movies that are known internationally. She featured in movies like Titanic (1997) Fried Green Tomatoes (1991), Dolores Claiborne (1995), among many others.

Having spent over 40 years in the showbiz industry, Bates still remains very active and is widely honored for her inputs.

Personal Life

Kathy Bates was once married to Tony Campisi for six years, from 1991 when they got married to 1997 when they divorced without any child between them. Following the divorce, the actress stayed single for a long while, focusing all of her energy on her career and watching her efforts pay off. Years later, however, she would give love another chance when she hooked up with Rodrigo Semporaci in 2006. They dated for 3 years and just when fans felt like an engagement will follow, it all came crashing down and they went their separate ways in 2009. Since then, Bates hasn’t been in any relationship that is known publicly, the actress is presumed to be currently single

The star actress was once diagnosed with ovarian and breast cancers in 2003, this came to light in September 2012 when she broke the news on her Twitter handle. She said that she had done a double mastectomy which caused her to have lymphedema on her two arms. She has since then become an advocate for lymphedema.

She has also started practicing a healthy lifestyle, being aware of its significance to her health. She confessed that she has tried to improve on her diet and maintain a regular exercise schedule, though she sees this as a battle.

Kathy Bates’ Net Worth

Having put in a good four decades and counting into her very successful career, Bates is an A list actress highly in demand and loved by many. She leveraged on this to feature in well-paying movies that have only made her richer over the years. Her decades of work in the show business paid off well as she has amassed for herself over the years, a wholesome net worth of $32 million.


How Tall Is The Misery Actress?

Everyone who has seen Kathy Bates knows she has a large body mass. She has a height of 5 feet 3 inches and weighs about 96 Kg. Her bust-waist-hips measurements are 40-34-44.

At some point, the health challenges she battled saw her weight fluctuate until she was fit again. Although her weight seems to be on the bigger side, she revealed that the act of eating healthy has helped her stay fit.

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