Who Is Steve Bannon, What Is His Net Worth, Who Is The Wife, Why Was He Fired?

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He was the second most influential and powerful political pundit in Washington and former Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor to President Donald Trump which made him a very powerful influence in the White House and the United States as a whole. But today Steve Bannon is no longer as powerful as he once was and many have wondered how he fell from grace to grass. Let’s look into his bio, his career, why he was fired by President Donald Trump and other fascinating details about him. Stay glued!

Steve Bannon’s Bio

American political strategist, media executive, banker and filmmaker Stephen Kelvin Bannon who is popularly known as Steve Bannon was born November 27, 1953, in Norfolk, Virginia, United States of America. He was born to an Irish Catholic parents Martin J. Jr. and Doris Bannon; his father Martin was as a telephone line worker and later worked as an intermediate manager while his mother was a housewife.

Steve Bannon attended Benedictine College Preparatory, an all-male Catholic military private high school and graduated in 1971. After that, he was admitted to study Urban affairs and planning in the prestigious Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Urban Studies. While in school, Bannon has always been politically inclined and this made him run for the president of the Student Government which he won. He graduated in 1976 with a B.A in urban affairs and planning.

Upon graduation, Steve Bannon joined the United States Navy and served as a special assistant to the Chief of Naval operations at the headquarters of the United States of America’s department of defense in Pentagon. Although still serving in the Navy in Washington D.C, Bannon earned a masters degree in National Security Studies from Georgetown University in 1983. His education didn’t just end there as in 1985, he also earned a masters degree in business administration (specializing in media and entertainment) from the prestigious Harvard Business School.


Tracking hs career timeline, one would find that Steve Bannon started his career from his Military services days with the United States Navy. It started from 1973 to 1980 when he served as a surface warfare officer, assistant to the Chief of Naval Operation at Pentagon, and was even deployed to assist the Operation Eagle Claw during Iran Crises before leaving in 1980 as a lieutenant.

Bannon was later able to secure a job as an investment banker for the Goldman Sachs under the Mergers and Acquisition Unit but eventually left Goldman Sachs as the Vice President after helping them expand in the entertainment firm. In 1990, Steven Bannon started the Bannon & Co. firm, an investment bank focused solely on media and entertainment and this started paving the way for his filmmaking career with the film The Indian Runner being his first as an executive producer.

He was the co-executive producer of the film Titus in 1999 which is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus. He also directed and co-produced a documentary film titled In the Face of Evil, a documentary based on the book Reagan’s War by Peter Schweizer which was followed by several other films like Cochise County USA: Cries from the Border, Border War: The Battle Over Illegal Immigration and Tradition Never Graduates: A Season Inside Notre Dame Football which are a few among many of his films.

Steve Bannon was also a founding Member of Breitbart News and became the Executive Chairman of Breitbart News after the death of the founder, Audrey Breitbart in 2012 but he stepped down from the post on January 9th, 2018.


Political Career

It would definitely not be a complete career timeline if Bannon’s political career is left untold. His journey started when he was appointed the executive director of Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign on August 17, 2016. Upon Donald Trump’s victory against the Democrat presidential aspirant, Hillary Clinton, Steve Bannon was appointed the Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor to the President on November 13, 2017.

After a few weeks in White house, Steve Bannon was later appointed a principal member of the National Security Council – a move which attracted high-level criticisms. He was later removed from the National Security Council on April 2017.

Steve Bannon was very influential in President ‘s first year in office and he was arguably the second most influential and powerful political pundit in the United States of America who was also the brain behind many controversies in the White House that favored the Trump administration at the time.

Termination: Why Was Steve Bannon Fired?

According to an official statement by the U.S Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders in a statement released on August 8, 2017, about Steven Bannon being fired, she made it clear that it was a mutual agreement between American Chief of Staff, John Kelly and Steve Bannon. However, the story is not as simple as Sarah made it seem as sources later revealed that Steve Bannon was fired because of his statement that the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., had committed an act of treachery in talking to Russians.

Another reason why Steven Bannon was fired was connected to his interview with the liberal journalist, Robert Kuttner, in which he criticized some of his rivals in the administration, contradicted Trump’s stated North Korean policy and talked about his plans to reshuffle State Department personnel. The top-notched strategist definitely crossed some lines with his statements and before he could make amends, he was out of the picture.

Net Worth: How Much Is He Worth?

Steve Bannon net worth is approximated to be as high as $48 million which is definitely not a surprise as he is a man that has delved into many endeavors over the years. He started with minor jobs but he ended up becoming a household name in entertainment, investment baking, and even politics. Sources also linked his net worth to his companies and properties.

Family: Wives & Children

Steve Bannon got married in 1988 to Cathleen Suzanne Houff with whom he has a daughter called Maureen but unfortunately, the marriage ended that same year.

In April 1995, Bannon got married for the second time to Mary Louise Piccard, a former investment banker and had twin daughters which were born three days after their wedding. However, like the first, this one also ended in a divorce after 2 years.

After two unsuccessful marriages, Steve Bannon tried his luck at it again in 2006 by tying the knot with Diane Clohesy, an Irish lady. However, the union was a disaster as Diane struggled with hard substance and drug abuse. Eventually, they decided to end the marriage in 2009.

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