Who Is Still Alive From The ‘Original Addams Family’ Cast; Where Are They Now?

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Between 1964 and 1966, television fans were thrilled with the horror/black comedy sitcom, The Addams Family. The show has long ended but in this article, we will take a look at some of the actors, focusing more on the surviving members of the original Addams Family cast.

The TV series is an adaptation of the cartoon of the same title created by Charles Addams. The series was created by David Levy and starred the likes of John Astin, , Jackie Coogan, Blossom Rock, , Lisa Loring, Ken Weatherwax, and Silla Felix as its major characters, all appearing respectively as Gomez Addams, Morticia Addams, Uncle Fester, Grandmama Addams, Lurch, Wednesday Addams, Pugsley Addams and Cousin Itt. Keep reading to know who among these people are still alive or dead.

Who Is Still Alive From The Original Addams Family Cast And Where Are They Now?

It is quite sad to know that of all the original Addams Family cast, only three are still alive. See them below:

John Astin

John Astin is an American actor popularly known for his role in the TV series The Addams Family from 1964 to 1966, where he played the role of Gomez Addams. John began his acting career in 1954 and even at the age of 89, he is still very active in the movie scene. His last known performance was on the TV show Justice League Action, where he starred in the episode titled “Captain Bamboozle” as Uncle Dudley. Having been through previous failed marriages, John is presently married to Valerie Ann Sandobal. The couple got married in 1989 and has 5 kids which include Sean and Mackenzie Astin. John resides in his home town of Baltimore, Maryland.

Lisa Loring

Lisa Loring’s best performance came when she starred as Wednesday in The Addams Family and she was 6 years old when she began to star on the show. Now a mother of two, she has been in four marriages and her latest husband is Graham Rich, though they are currently separated. Lisa has not been involved in many films since The Addams Family ended and her current whereabouts are not known.

Felix Silla

Felix played the role of Cousin Itt in the TV series The Addams Family. An Italian-American actor born on January 11, 1937, in Roccacasale, Italy, he is a film and TV actor, stuntman and circus performer. He retired from acting in 1992 and since then, he has gone off the grid, escaping the attention of the media.

Dead Cast Members Of The Original TV Series

Original Addams Family cast members who have gone to the world beyond include the following:

Carolyn Jones

Carolyn Jones played the role of Morticia Addams, the wife of Gomez Addams and mother of Pugsley Addams and Wednesday Addams. Before starring in the TV series, Jones had already made a name for herself and was undoubtedly the most famous of all the characters that starred on the show. She passed on on August 3, 1983, at the age of 53.

Jackie Coogan

Jackie Coogan portrayed Uncle Fester in the TV series, The Addams Family. Coogan started acting when he was 3 years old and earned a lot of money as a child actor. One of his most noticeable film roles as a young actor was in The Kid, where he starred alongside legendary comedian-actor, Charlie Chaplin. When Coogan reached legal age, he sued his mother and stepfather for squandering the money he earned from acting when he was younger. The lawsuit is what forced the state of California to introduce the Coogan Act, a bill which protects the earnings of child performers. Coogan died at the age of 69, on March 1, 1984.

Ted Cassidy

The 6ft 9in tall actor played the role of Lurch, the family’s butler in the TV series. Starring as Lurch was Ted’s biggest role in his acting career. The Pennsylvania-born actor was married to Helen Jesse and had two kids. He and his wife divorced four years before his death. Ted died on January 16, 1979, at the age of 46.

Blossom Rock

Blossom Rock was somewhat the oldest of the main stars on the show, being born on August 21, 1885. She played the role of Grandmama Addams, her biggest acting role. Blossom Rock died in Los Angeles, California, on January 14, 1978.


Ken Weatherwax

Ken’s role on the TV show was as Pugsley, the son of Gomez and Morticia Addams, brother to Wednesday Addams and grandson of Grandmama Addams. Ken’s only active acting period were the years he starred in The Addams Family and starring as Pugsley Addams was also his only acting role. He died of a heart attack on December 7, 2014, aged 59.

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