Who Is Ted Metz and What Happened To His Ear?

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The state of Georgia has only ever televised its gubernatorial debate once and this happened during the 2018 gubernatorial debate. Of the three people vying for the position of governor, one of them ran under the Libertarian flag and this person is Ted Muntz. He was also the least known person with Brian Kemp who is the current governor running as the Republican candidate and Stacy Adams running under the Democrat party; this, however, sparked the interest of the public. To learn more about Ted Metz, keep reading.

Who Is Ted Metz?

Ted Metz was born in March of 1958 on a date that is not known and at a location that is not known either, but it has been revealed that by the time he was eleven years old he had lived in more than twelve states. The reason for the constant moves was his father’s job as an Air Force pilot, but regardless of the family’s constant moving, Ted grew up in an environment of love and comfort with his brother and sister.

As a result of their relocations, Ted Metz’s early education cannot be easily traced. It is, however, known that he was a member of the Boy Scouts, for every city he moved to, he found a troop there and participated actively, this ended when he moved to a state without a troop.

For his University education, Ted Metz went to three universities all in the state of Georgia. At the University of Georgia, he studied Organic Chemistry, Risk Management, and Insurance at the Georgia State University and at Georgia Perimeter College, he studied Nursing. This mixed bag of courses equipped him for the career paths he was set on later in his life.


Edward Tecumseh Metz while at the University of Georgia, signed up to join the Navy and he found a way to take his college courses while training in the Navy. His decision was driven by the electronics program the Navy was running at the time, but in a short while, he dropped that and fully faced his schoolwork, this he put on hold once more when he started the business of installing satellite dishes. However, a Time article claimed that Satellite was pirating television and this put an end to his business. This event piqued his interest in the running of the government.

Ted Metz got another job working in a finance firm but this came to a halt with the stock market crash of 1987. The next job he got was in Atlanta and it was the making, testing and repairing of telecommunications hardware. Out of a desire to continue doing things in science, he went back to school and got his nursing degree. Immediately he was done with that, he got a job as a chemist at a Cosmetic company but in his fourth year working there, the owners sold the company and he was once more jobless.

Metz’s work in the government began circa 2009 with activism and by 2013 he was neck-deep in the party activities of the Republican Party but the in-party fighting and squabbles irritated him and he made the choice to become a member of the Libertarian Party. In 2014, he was the party’s choice for the state insurance commissioner but he lost to Ralph Hudgens. In 2018, he ran for the position of Governor but lost that as well.

He still continues to be involved in the government and pushes for a system that is not run by politics but by adherence to constitutionalism.

What Happened To His Ear?

Ted Metz’s work during the Navy required that he work close to radioactive material. This prolonged exposure led to a form of skin cancer called Squamous Cells Carcinoma. He had battled with the condition for twenty-five years but by 2017 it had escalated. This led to him being hospitalized for a while and eventually losing his left ear, it was during his time in the hospital that he was selected as the party’s nominee for Governor.

Metz’s experience with cancer made him more open to the use of marijuana by cancer patients and during his debate, he pushed for the cultivation and growth of hemp. He holds the opinion that not only will it help the agricultural economy of the state, but it will also aid the research of the health benefits of hemp.

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