Why Did CocoSori Disband and What are the Former Members Doing Now?

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For a few years, the not so popular k-pop; J-pop duo CocoSori, created by MOL Entertainment, thrilled their fans with heartfelt music and stirred feelings. They subsequently gained affection for themselves and steadily rose towards fame.

The group which is a combination of Kim Sori, a spirited and delightful Korean star with a fancy profile and millions of fans referred to as ‘Sweetnotes’ and Lee Coco, an appealing internet personality who has over 322k subscribers called Rilaccoco on YouTube, wove their success story after their debut with the song Dark Circle on January 5th, 2016. With a marveling consistency, the duo pleased their fans, and furthermore, gained a reputation for themselves but the admiration they received was not enough to keep them going.

Sadly, a statement was released by MOLE Entertainment early in 2019 and in it, the disbandment of the CocoSori duo was clearly stated. With so many expectations from them, this unpleasant news left their fans heartbroken. A series of events leading to this consensus will be divulged as you read on.

Why Did CocoSori Disband?

The conflict leading to the disbandment of CocoSori is dated back to the months following the release of Sori’s solo debut titled Touch. Aggravating accusations laid by Coco against her partner Sori and M.O.L Entertainment were splattered on YouTube in a live video and on posts left on other social media platforms. These accusations incited a very negative response from Coco’s fans towards Sori and MOLE Entertainments.

On her uploads, she had publicly elucidated the unfairness displayed by MOLE Entertainment against her. She’d claimed the company paid more attention to her partner Sori, thereby mismanaging her.

According to her, the company limited Coco’s budget while investing more money on Sori’s debut which they had failed to inform her about. As a result of this action, her debut’s promotion for Sugar Cake did poorly and was short while Sori’s promotion for Touch extended more than originally planned.

Also, Coco claimed she paid for lessons out of her pocket, without support from MOLE and the Kickstarter rewards for Sugar Cake were not being fulfilled because of the company’s poor management. She argued that all her successes were her accomplishments and no assistance was offered by M.O.L.E.

In general, Coco painted a very negative image of Sori and M.O.L Entertainment, pointing towards favoritism and mismanagement.

Coco’s claims were greatly contradicted by MOLE after the release of a very lengthy statement from the management on December 11, 2018. Their statement deemed Coco’s claims unacceptable and they disclosed that at the very beginning of the defamatory posts by Coco, they had requested from her, a public apology for wrongful accusations, slandering of Sori’s name and the calumny in her bid to gain attention. Coco refused to tender an apology and stood firm with her claims.

In the statement, MOLE made it clear that even though the company was in financial distress at that time, they had supported Coco and the group financially.

They added that her claims of preferential treatment were because they had not disclosed Sori’s plans to release a solo debut and that her bitterness also stemmed from the fact that Sori’s solo debut did better than hers.

Following her contractual violations, the company made it known that Coco had overstepped what was agreed in her contract with the company. For these reasons, the statement ended with a warning to Coco’s fans who were sending hateful messages to Sori and the company and a promise of a lawsuit against Coco for defamation, bridge of contract and slandering of Sori’s name.

On March 6, 2019, CocoSori disbanded on account of all these incidents.

What Are The Former CocoSori Members Doing Now?

Kim Sori (stage name: SoRi)

Apparently, the ordeal had not deterred Sori’s determination as she’d picked up pace in building her career after the disbandment. She became the host of a segment titled Sori Action for TBS’ variety show Fact in Star. Also, she was cast in Channel J’s travel documentary Travel to Ibaraki Without Knowing Japanese, which premiered on April 20, 2019.

Her singing career has not shrunk as she recently dropped a collaboration she did with the record producer Folded Dragons titled “I Am Not Alone” as her third single on her official Patreon page. The piece was arranged and penned by the rapper Grazy Grace under the pseudonym Storm. A music video of the single was released on July 1st, 2019.

On October 18, 2019, a premiere of the second season of Mnet’s reality television series Somebody, took place and Sori was a cast member in the first episode. So far, Sori has been climbing her success ladder and her fans ‘Sweetnotes’ and ‘soRination’ have been a huge support to her.

Lee Coco (Stage name: Coco)

Coco, who exited the group with a lawsuit filed against her by MOL Entertainment, although nothing has been disclosed about dealings involving this lawsuit, has picked up her career on YouTube as a beauty vlogger. Her YouTube channel features trips she’s taken with her boyfriend , her fashion designs, beauty products, as well as videos where she gives tips on makeup. She has accrued more than 322k subscribers on YouTube.

In a video she shared on her channel on May 20th, 2019, Coco revealed her struggles so far. Though she is trying to move on from her debacle with M.O.L.E, her singing career will be left pending until the lawsuit is finalized.

Near tears, Coco said she is scared and has been going through a lot and her future after the lawsuit is not too clear. However, she intends to focus on her business and life as a beauty YouTuber and hopefully, her singing career will reemerge.

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