Wife Swap Season 12: Facts About The Revived Spouse Exchange TV Show

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The other side is always greener until you move there and realize that your conditions are much better. This quip is sometimes the sentiment that comes with being on the show Wife Swap. The show has spawned the spin-off, Celebrity Wife Swap, which began to air in 2012 and only lasted for four seasons. But in 2010 the original series came to an end, ABC – the studio in charge of the show, stopped airing episodes but three years after that, they revived the show once more but it was only for a year. In 2019 however, the show was brought back to life, and the revived version has been referred to as Wife Swap Season 12.

This reality TV show was created in 2004 and it follows the adventures of families where the matriarchs of two families have decided to swap lives and live in their other person’s house for a while, this period was usually for two weeks, the show sometimes required the fathers to swap as well.

Wife Swap is known for how it would swap women who led lives that were the polar opposite, creating an environment where culture shock was bound to happen to the women who have been swapped and their families. In the first week of the swap, the women have to adhere to the rules of the family she has moved to and by the following week, the family has to take on new rules.

Facts About Wife Swap Season 12

New Network

When the first episode of this show aired in 2004 it was met with high praise which reflected in the number of views it was getting. Although it ended in 2013, there have been numerous attempts to revive the show. The first time was in 2018 when the CMT network was interested in bringing it back but those plans changed as the right to air Wife Swap Season 12 was earned by Paramount Network.

Number of Episodes

Over the course of the time that this show has aired, the number of episodes for each season has varied over time, but with the announcement of the return of the show it was also announced that Wife Swap Season 12 will have twenty episodes. The first episode for this season was aired on the 5th of September, 2019.

Same Rules

Despite the fact that the new season will be aired by a different network and is a reboot that has come many years after the last version of the show aired, certain facts remain constant about this show, one of this is that the show will follow the same rules that had guided the show thus far. Especially with the duration of the stay and the rule swap that happens at the beginning of the second week. This new season, like all seasons in the past, also features families that are polar opposites and this is an attempt by the show’s producers to shake things up.

The Narrator

When this television show started to air in 2004, John Schwab who is an actor was a big part of the show for its first six seasons. Schwab worked as the show’s narrator. The narrator introduced the audience to each of the family explaining their quips and what they were like. The role of the narrator is still an important part of the show, even in the show’s twelfth season.

Wife Swap Season 12 Time Slot

In broadcasting, there are time periods during the day where viewership will definitely soar; these slots are usually reserved for primetime television shows. 8 till 11 in the evening are the hours that are best for this and the airing of the Wife Swap season 12 has been placed right in the middle of this time period, as the show airs by 9 in the evening, which will guarantee high viewership ratings.

U.K Version

As earlier mentioned, the show has had many versions and spin-offs, but when it was initially created in 2003, it was made by a production house that is in the United Kingdom with its target audience in the UK as well. By the following year, 2004, the United States version was created. Wife Swap season 12 is of the United States version but the producers decided to incorporate elements of the U.K version in its creation.

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