Will There Be A Kingsman 3, When Is The Release Date?

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There is no denying that fans of the Kingsman franchise are excited for Kingsman 3. When Kingsman: The Secret Service was released in December 2014, the expectations of action spy-comedy film fans and other action film enthusiasts were high after seeing the film’s trailer and the action it promised to thrill them with. Following its release, Kingsman: The Secret Service turned out to be not only a Box office success as it returned $414.4 million from a budget of $81–94 million but it also got fans curious if there would be a sequel to the hit film.

In response to this, Kingsman: The Golden Circle was greenlit to move forward and just like its predecessor, it was a commercial success as it made $410.9 million from a budget of $104 million. In addition to the profit the film made, its storyline left fans desiring to see more, especially what becomes of the Eggsy and Harry’s relationship in a possible third installment referred to as Kingsman 3 at the moment.

A lot has already been asked, rumored and reported about Kingsman 3 but many facts still remain unknown about the much talked about film. However, amidst all the frenzy, one of the facts we gathered is that there will be a prequel to the existing film series titled The King’s Man. In addition to this, a spin-off of the action spy comedy film titled Statesman is also expected and a possible television series will follow after Kingsman 3. The paragraphs below will tell you a lot more on all we got from our fact-finding mission.

Will There Be A Kingsman 3?

With a combined Box office earning of $825.3 million, from a budget of $185 million to $198 million, there is no doubt that the British-American media franchise is a huge success with an interesting storyline the cast and crew will stop at nothing to tell to the end. More so, when fans are eager to learn what becomes of the main characters – Eggsy and Harry Hart; as such, a lot is expected to be seen in the film. Thus, there will be Kingsman 3 and according to its director and producer – Matthew Vaughn, we are to expect the unexpected just like in the other two Kingsman films.

However, before we see Kingsman 3 as we hinted earlier, we will first be treated with its prequel – The King’s Man which has already gone far into production and is expected to be released sometime in November 2019, if everything goes on as planned. Just like the first two installments in the Kingsman franchise, the prequel is also being directed by Vaughn and as we understand, everything is being done such that the film and the upcoming Kingsman 3 will not be a flop for any reason.

In Kingsman 3, a few of what we are to expect include the casting of and as Gary “Eggsy” Unwin and Harry Hart. The filmmaker, Matthew Vaughn, expressed a desire to cast  as a villain character in the upcoming movie.

When Is The Release Date?

Kingsman 3, the third installment of the action spy comedy film series which began in 2014 is expected to be released in early 2020 with reliable sources stating categorically that it will be on February 14, 2020. This new date was disclosed after its original November 15, 2019 release date was pushed back. However, despite the excitement of fans for Kingsman 3, the prequel – The King’s Man, which is also being directed by Vaughn, will make it to the screens first.

In its cast, we have the likes of as T. E. Lawrence, Harris Dickinson as Conrad, Daniel Brühl as Felix Yusupov, Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Lee Unwin and many others. The synopsis of the film has it that we will see a collection of the worst enemies of man gather to plot a war that would annihilate mankind; however, ‘The King’s Man’ rises to the challenge.

After The King’s Man, Kingsman 3 is expected to follow immediately with the reveal of befitting title apt to what viewers will be looking forward to seeing in the film. After this, a spin-off of Kingsman: The Golden Circle which is already listed with the working title – Statesman and a TV show are all expected to hit our TV screens.

If all these happen and the new productions don’t fall short of successes the first two installments of the franchise recorded at the Box office, the Kingsman franchise might attain the record as one of the few franchises that turned out successful both in the big and small screen.

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