Will There Be A Season 11 Of MasterChef US In 2020 Or Will It Be Cancelled?

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MasterChef US is a popular cooking competition which is coined from the original British show, MasterChef by the restaurateur, . The US version of the show was initially released on July 27th, 2010, showing 13 episodes before it ended on September 15th, 2010. This was later followed by several other seasons with the recently concluded one – MasterChef US season 10 on September 18th, 2019.

The cooking series is notable for its celebrity chef judges which include the likes of Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich who appeared as judges in season 1 through season 5. Season 6 to 8 showcased the pastry chef, – who briefly took on Joe Bastianich’s position till sometime in season 9. It is also known that Graham Elliot left the show during its 7th edition but a number of guest judges like Aarón Sanchez came on board to cover for him. Read on as we bring you details about what the MasterChef series is all about and know whether a season 11 of this popular show should be expected.

What Is MasterChef All About?

The MasterChef series is originally a British TV show aired on BBC which was designed by the popular restaurateur, chef and TV presenter, Gordon Ramsay. However, this program has inspired a lot of similar shows to spring up, some of which include the MasterChef Australia and MasterChef US.

With regards to the MasterChef US, it is known that the cooking contest is organized in Los Angeles where they make use of a big warehouse. This place has numerous cooking units, a pantry stocked with various cooking ingredients, a fridge, as well as a dining section. All of these are usually used during the competition to test the expertise of the contestants.

The show usually requires the cooks to reproduce a certain dish using specified cooking methods and this is referred to as the Skills Test. There is also the Mystery Box challenge during which a box containing some cooking ingredients is given to contestants. After getting the box, the contestants are asked to make a dish using those ingredients and an allotted time.

At the end of these two challenges, the panel of judges on MasterChef US will choose 3 extremely attractive and tasty meals. Then they will pick an overall winner who will be given some sort of advantage in the next round referred to as the Elimination Test. At the completion of this test, contestants with the worst meals are nominated and a minimum of 1 contestant is removed.

The Team Test challenge comes up next and during this competition, the cooks are divided into small teams. They usually pop up in restaurants and momentarily be their staff and diners get to vote for the best dish. The teams that are lowly rated will be removed from the competition while those that received high ratings will move on to the Pressure Test challenge.

As the name entails, the Pressure Test seeks to know the best cook that can prepare great dishes under pressure. The contestants are hereby tasked to prepare meals individually under a set time. The dishes are then assessed based on appearance, taste, and technique. A final two or three are handpicked from the contestants and they are assigned to make a 3-course meal individually.

Finally, all the meals are judged and an overall winner is crowned. He is eventually named MasterChef and takes home the MasterChef trophy, alongside a sum of $250,000. More so, this cook is also likely to land a cookbook deal.

Will There Be A Season 11 Of MasterChef US In 2020 Or Will It Be Cancelled?

If you’re an avid follower of this show, you would be familiar with the fact that the judges had their differences concerning the release of a season 11 of MasterChef US but as at now, they have agreed for the popular cooking program to have an 11th season. It is also expected that the show’s creator will be on this season’s judge list as usual, as well as other judges and possibly a guest judge too.

However, the actual date the upcoming season will be released has not been revealed. It is only speculated that it might be released in May or June 2020, a prediction based on the pattern through which the previous seasons have been released.

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