Will There Be Interstellar 2? If So, When Is The Release Date?

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Interstellar is everything you want of a movie directed by . It is a supercharged sci-fi that keeps everyone wondering if there would be an Interstellar 2. The single bad news is that Nolan is not one known to be a huge fan of sequels at least that is with the exception of The Dark Knight Trilogy.

The multi award-winning movie tells the story of some astronauts trying to save humanity as the earth is dying. They travel between stars and galaxies to find another planet to populate. At the end of it all, we do not see so much that is left to count on for a sequel and as we already started, Nolan is not the kind who would naturally go for it.

However, there have been many calls for a second movie in the line. But then, will there ever be an Interstellar 2? Here is all we know about it.

Will There Be Interstellar 2?

A tough nut to crack, let’s look at the things that could trigger a sequel to the movie.

The fate of Cooper’s son, Tom, who was in charge of his father’s farm in the absence of the man. He becomes an angry bitter man after the death of his son. He is never seen again or heard of in the movie as soon as Murphy informs him that she has found a way of guiding humanity to leave earth. There may be an interesting story coming from him.

What the future holds for humanity is another story that could lead to a sequel. In the film, we get to understand that there are evolved humans who have been guiding the rest of humanity through their journey. This evolved state that they have attained is something achieved over time and so in a sequel, we will also want to see what the future holds for humanity in relation to evolution.

The love story between Joseph Cooper as portrayed by and Amelia Brand as portrayed by . Although their romance gets lost in the intensity of the movie, it will be great if in the sequel, more light is shed on it and a story is drawn from there.

With all these, we come back to the big question; will there be Interstellar 2? Our best and simple bet is there will be no sequel to the Christopher Nolan directed sci-fi. This is basically for the two reasons that Nolan isn’t too much of a fan of sequels as we have pointed out, and even with all the above, there are no strong reasons to come up with a sequel because the movie in itself is basically complete.

When Is The Release Date?

For now, there is no strong indication that a sequel to the movie will be released and we have every reason to believe that it will not be released because it has covered everything that needs to be covered. Hence, there is no point talking about things like release date, trailer, or anything of that sort.

However, if our guess is wrong and a sequel is announced, we will update as soon as possible.

What We Will Want To See If There Is Interstellar 2

If for any reason a follow up to Interstellar gets to be made, there are a few things we want to see in addition to taking care of the things mentioned above.

It should be directed by Christopher Nolan: There is no point of coming up with a second part of the sci-fi if it will not be directed by Nolan who has done a great job with the first. Let him continue with the great work he has started.

The scientific accuracy should be maintained: If anything can be taken from the movie, it is not in terms of the scientific accuracy which is one of the things that have made the movie as great as it is. We will like to see it maintained in the sequel.

More of TARS and CASE. Although there are those that believe the robots are a bad idea, there are many others also, who have found them rather delightful – that is our group. No matter what side of the divide you find yourself, one thing everyone will agree is that the robots have given everyone something to talk about. If there is a sequel to the movie, we will want to see more of the robots.

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