Will There Be Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 After Dead Men Tell No Tales?

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2003 marked the beginning of one of the most fascinating adventure franchise with the debut of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Although it recorded immediate success, the subsequent films in the series would deliver even much better. A couple of years after the release of Dead Men Tell No Tales in 2017, there is still yet to be anything clear on Pirates of The Caribbean 6, the next film in the series.

Although Dead Men Tell No Tales recorded good success, it still fell short of what was recorded by other movies in series. With that, the question that remains on the minds of it’s teeming fans is on whether a sixth film will be released.

Pirates of The Carribean

As noted, the series started in 2003 with the release of The Curse of the Black Pearl and then it was followed three years later by Dead Man’s Chest which till date has the best Box office outing in the series. Only a year later, the successful first outing was followed by At World’s End and then On Stranger Tides in 2011. After this, fans had to wait 6 years before another film was released and that was Dead Men Tell No Tales which was the fifth film of the franchise.

Long before the release of On Stranger Tides, there were reports that Disney had plans to shoot the next two films of the series (the fifth and sixth) back to back. As it would later turn out, only the fifth film was released. In 2018, reports came to light that Disney had intentions of infusing new energy into the franchise by making a reboot of the series. This left fans very eager to receive the new reboot, however, when the wait dallied until 2019, It became clear that there was not going to be any reboot for the series. Since there has been no reboot, the question on everybody’s mind is whether there is going to be a sixth film.

Will There be Pirates of the Caribbean 6?

Inasmuch as there is still yet to be anything official regarding the future of the series two years since the release of the last, the popular belief is that there will be yet another film in the franchise.

According to Kayla Scodelario who joined the franchise in the fifth film, she was contracted in 2017 to be a part of the sixth film. However, it is not clear if it was to be a part of the canceled reboot or the main film. More so, it was revealed in the same period that Joachim Rønning who was the director for Dead Men Tell No Tales was going to direct the film.

The last film may not have achieved as much as others in the United States, but it left so much room for more adventure and for more to be built in the franchise. Because of this, as well as the success that the series has recorded over the years, many find it pretty hard to consider that Disney would not continue working on the franchise.

Beyond the 6th film, one thing that is most unlikely to be seen is the return of Captain Jack Sparrow and according to various sources, may not get to retain the role which he has kept since the start of the series and which has seen him win both the Academy and Golden Globes Awards nominations.

In recent years, it has continuously been very difficult for the actor to stay out of trouble in both his professional and personal life. Depp has been accused a number of times of being disruptive on sets. On the personal front, his issues with his ex-wife who brought allegations of domestic abuse against him has also not helped his career which is on the decline.

According to the revelations available, Johnny Depp may not be a part of the sixth film no matter the form it takes. However, loyal fans of the actor and the franchise would rather have him reprise the role and to thus, many are giving their votes into the thousands to have him in the next Pirates of the Caribbean film.


For now, there is still no definite answer on whether we would get to see the film or not, but there are many reasons why one can safely bet that Disney will release the next film in the series soon. Among these reasons are the success the franchise has recorded and the fact that there is still a story to tell.

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