Would There Be Supernatural Season 15, Who are The Cast Members and The Release Date?

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One doubts if anyone outside of hardcore fans of Supernatural would believe that the show was originally designed to last for five seasons, but that is the truth of America’s longest-running television show which is currently in its fourteenth season with discussions already going on for the Supernatural season 15. In a television world where fans of TV shows are forced to deal with the cancellation of their favorite shows at the end of every season, filling petition boards for networks to bring back their beloved shows, fans of Supernatural are trudging on, enjoying the endless adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester as they travel around the country doing the Winchester business.

Like almost every magical show, the development of Supernatural by its first showrunner, Eric Kripke was a tough one. According to Kripke, he spent 10 years developing the show, spending a lot of that time unsuccessfully pitching it to network heads. However, in 2005, he got his first greenlight by then The WB which later became the CW Network. The success of the show’s first pilot made WB order a full season of the show, and the rest, as they say, is been history.

The show has seen several showrunners who have come and gone after Erik Kripke left the show as showrunner at the end of his original storyline in the fifth season. Other showrunners include Sera Gamble, Jeremy Carver, Robert Singer, and Andrew Dabb. Basically, the CW Network Supernatural is a live-action comic book franchise where different writers come in to pitch in their own run of the protagonist’s stories.

Supernatural – Plot

Do not be fooled by the show’s multiple seasons and hundreds of episodes, it is all still a story about family, love, and sacrifice. 22 years after Sam and Dean lost their mother to a strange fire that burned down their house, it took their father going missing to push the brothers out of their regular lives in search of their missing father. While on the search, they confront several forms of supernatural creatures, defeating them with the help of their father’s training, which has been the purpose of their lives ever since in a steady series of – Hunt things. Kill them. Repeat.

Since the introductory first season which showed a demon called Yellow Eyes (Azazel) as the big bad, each season has dealt with an overarching story with the brothers battling one big bad creature/thing or looking to overturn a prophecy, from Lucifer, Crowley to Leviathans and Amara. Wedged in between their journey to defeating the season’s big villain is the brothers’ trademark trips across many towns in America in a ’67 Impala.

Would there be Supernatural Season 15? – Release Date

As earlier mentioned, the series has long outlived the initial number of seasons it’s original creators had in mind, but it’s teeming fans still want more. 14 seasons have seen the light of day and the expectation is rife for Supernatural season 15. Network executives have signaled their intention to carry on with the show for a 15th season as long as Sam and Dean (Padalecki and Ackles) are interested in continuing their roles on the series. On their parts, the two leads have been discussing the possibility of hanging up their roles as Sam and Dean due to the show’s long filming periods and the conflict with their personal lives. It remains to be seen if a compromise will happen between the leads and the network.

Since a consensus has not been reached regarding the conflicts at hand, no release that has been announced for the Supernatural season 15. However, if there will be a release date, it is most likely to begin in the fall period of the TV season.

Who are the Cast Members?

Supernatural currently has 296 episodes, and a show this long surely has a total cast list that is as long as long as the Nile. However, despite the length of the show’s existence, its main cast has largely remained the same with few additions and subtractions as each season passes, using alternate dimensions or angel/demon power to bring back old cast members on the show.

There is no certainty concerning who might be leaving the cast, but here are some of the main cast members of the show who we are sure will make it to Supernatural season 15.

Jensen Ackles – Dean Winchester

plays one of the two leads on the show, Dean Winchester, older brother of Sam Winchester and a total badass. The character was developed by original showrunner, Eric Kripke and introduced as an adult with his backstory explained through time travel and monologues on the show. He was trained by his father, John who after discovering his wife and Dean’s mother was murdered by a spiritual entity, sought revenge and trained his oldest son to be able to defend and fight against supernatural entities.

The character is one of the most beloved on the show and the love has been extended to the actor behind it, Jensen Ackles whose career started in 1996. He has appeared in other notable television shows like Smallville, where he played Jason Teague, Dark Angel and Days of our Lives. He is also a director who has directed several episodes of Supernatural and has been nominated for several awards for his performances on the show.

Jared Padalecki – Sam Winchester

plays the reluctant hero, Sam Winchester who is forced to join his brother, Dean on the road as hunters after he witnessed the death of his girlfriend and prospective wife, Jessica in the same way his mother was killed. Sam Winchester completes the other half of the show’s lead characters. He is portrayed as the computer savvy half of the brothers whose ingenuity regularly helps in their investigation of the paranormal.

On the show, Sam Winchester is a man resigned to his life as a hunter, who expects to die alone along with his brother, but the portraying actor, Jared Padalecki is a father of three married to Supernatural co-star, .

Before Supernatural, he starred in films like New York Minute, Friday the 13th, and in television, he starred in shows like Gilmore Girls and ER. Like his co-lead star, Jared Padalecki has been nominated for several awards. The characters of Sam and Dean require no guess because they are who Supernatural Season 15 will be all about.

Misha Collins – Castiel

Castiel is an angel of the Lord who joined the show in its fourth season. The development of Castiel’s character, played by  on the show has moved from being an anti-hero to a villain to an ally and a close friend of the brothers. Castiel is introduced as a loyal soldier of God, who executed instructions with little emotion, but as time passed on the show, spending time with Dean and Sam, Castiel gradually got humanized, with his journey from angel robot to humanized angel providing some of the comedic relief of the show.

Misha Collins, who plays the character, initially thought it would be a short recurring role on the show, but as a result of the popularity of the character among critics and fans, the role evolved and was rewritten to become a permanent part of the cast in season nine after seasons of guest appearances through the fifth to eighth season. Now, there is no doubt that Castiel will be a part of Supernatural season 15.

Misha, who began acting in 1998 is one of a few actors with a political background. He was an intern at the White House during the Administration. His filmography includes film and television shows like Finding Home, Loot, Girl, Interrupted, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Monk, NCIS, 24, among a few others. He has been nominated for three awards for his performance on Supernatural out of which he has won two.

Jim Beaver – Bobby Singer

Jim Beaver plays Bobby Singer, an accomplished and prolific hunter, introduced to the show in the episode finale of the first season as the father figure and hunter mentor to the Winchester brothers. He became a hunter after his wife was possessed by a demon and he was forced to kill her because he had no idea what else to do, thus dedicating himself to mastering supernatural beings and how to kill them.

Other than becoming a father figure to the Winchesters, he was a supernatural library of some sort for the brothers, regularly helping them in their pursuit of various supernatural beings. The character, alongside Sam and Dean Winchester, is the only character to appear in every season of the show so far and is played Jim Beaver. His continued appearance on the show is a result of his beloved portrayal of the character on the show.

He is a film historian, playwright, and screenwriter who has starred in multiple film television shows among which are Dallas, Spy Game, Days of our Lives, The X-Files, Monk, Deadwood, amongst others. If for some reasons he does not feature in Supernatural Season 15, who then would the brothers look up to?

Mark Pellegrino – Lucifer

The Devil himself is played by Mark Pellegrino in Supernatural. One of the lasting villains and antagonist of Sam and Dean, Lucifer is seen multiple times through the show, doing, well… Lucifer things. World domination, possessing the US President and resuming his plot to take over heaven. Over the course of his appearances through several seasons of the show, Lucifer is characterized as a conflicted archangel who has doubts and has as a lot of affection for celestial beings, he does, however, wants a rest from heaven and earth, but unfortunately goes in search of it in the worst ways possible.

Misha Collins was originally intended to play Lucifer with Mark expected to play Castiel, they both, however, turned out to be more suited to their respective characters after auditioning. It is not certain yet if he will make an appearance in Supernatural Season 15 but being the devil that he is, we won’t put it past him to have something evil planned.

Mark Sheppard – Crowley

Mark the lonely King of Hell, Crowley. He started out as an ally of the Winchester brothers in their quest to kill Lucifer. However, as a demon, his own selfish interests as King of Hell regularly clashed with the brothers’ protect humanity philosophy, resulting in a love-hate relationship between Crowley and the brothers.

The role was played by who has starred in other shows like Leverage, Battlestar Galactica, and Firefly, he was one of the beloved characters on the show before his last appearance in season twelve of the show.

Other noteworthy characters on the show we think may make an appearance in Supernatural season 15 are as John Winchester, Alexander Calvert as Jack, as Ruby, Fredric Lehne as Azazel, among many others.

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