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According to a global ranking by Forbes magazine, Xi Jinping is the most powerful man in the world, surpassing , the President of Russia, from the position he had held for five years. Xi Jinping is the seventh president of China and holds the position of general secretary of the Communist Party of China. He is responsible for the various changes that have swept through the country and has led the country into a period of economic boom and the eradication of corruption. Keep reading to learn more about the man.

Age and Background Details

On the 15th of June, 1953, Xi Jinping was born into a family that was influential and part of the country’s government. His father, Xi Zhongxun, was a member of the Communist party and his mother, Qi Xin, was also a member of the party but was not as influential as her husband. Disaster struck the family in 1963 when Xi Jinping was 10 years old, his family were some of the victims of the Cultural Revolution that swept through communist China under the rule of Mao Zedong; his father was thrown in jail, one of his sisters was killed and his mother suffered public disgrace. He, Jinping, was made to work the fields in a village; after a few months, he fled to Beijing from where he was deported back to the rural areas.

Later in life, Xi Jinping acquired a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Tsinghua University; his basis of admission was because of the position his father held in society and not as a result of previous academic success. During this time, he also underwent military training. His next foray into education was at the same university but this time, he studied law and revolutionary history while focusing on the Marxist ideology.

In 1971, Xi Jinping had already started to get into politics just like his parents. He applied to join the Communist party in 1973, but his request kept getting rejected. The tenth time, however, was the charm. By 1979, he served as the secretary of Geng Biao – a former subordinate of his father. He subsequently held the positions of vice premier and secretary general of the Central Military Commission between the space of four years. His rise through the ranks of the communist party was speedy and in a short time, he was the governor of a province. His growth in the party was not appreciated by everyone and he was popularly referred to as a princeling, because of the positions his father previously held in the party.

Regardless of this, he quickly became an important member of the party. The speed at which he became a top official in the party is one that has often drawn admiration from his peers, superiors in the party, and fellow world leaders. By 2009, he was already the vice president of the country and by 2012, he was the leader of the Communist party in China. 2013 saw his emergence as the president of the country.

His Life Achievements

As a result of his political prowess, Xi Jinping has been the recipient of a number of awards and honors from different countries. He has been awarded the keys to Muscatine in Iowa, San Jose in Costa Rica, Mexico City in Mexico, among many others.

Also, he has received the highest honor possible in Cuba – the Order of Jose Marti which he got in 2014. Xi was awarded the Grand Collar of the Star of Palestine in 2017 and the Order of Zayed from the United Arab Emirates in 2018. These are just a few of his life achievements.

Xi Jinping Net Worth

It is a common knowledge that Xi Jinping is a wealthy man, that’s why it’s not surprising to hear that his net worth is estimated at $1.51 billion. He garnered this amount from all his years in government, the sales of his books on the state of politics in China, and other profitable ventures.

Wife and Daughter

The leader of China has been married twice; his first marriage was to the daughter of a former ambassador to Britain. Sadly, their marriage was plagued by daily fights and they eventually went their separate ways. In 1987, he got remarried, this time to a folk singer named Peng Liyuan. By the time they got married, she was more popular than he was in the country. They have a child together called who is a graduate of Harvard University.


Height, Weight, and Body Statistics

Xi Jinping is undoubtedly in great shape. His height is recorded to be 5 feet 7 inches while his weight is listed as 66 kg. With all the responsibilities on his plate, it is a wonder he still finds the time to keep fit.

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