5 Important Things To Know About The Next Terminator: Dark Fate Movie 

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There are some franchises that are entirely in their own class as they always keep their promises. One such is the Terminator franchise which although started since the 1980s, still has huge followership with 6 films already below its belt. The next movie in the series, Terminator: Dark Fate is set for a release this summer and pretty much more than the last two before it, it is generating a strong buzz.

For those who have managed to live on another planet and are somehow new to the franchise, it began in 1984 with the story of how machines are able to take over the world in the future but because of a man named John Connor who is able to lead humans, the defeat of the machines is inevitable. Now, Skynet has to send assassins to the past to kill Connor’s mother so as to prevent his birth. John, on the other hand, decides to send one of his finest soldiers, Kyle Reese to protect Sarah.

Having successfully weaved other stories around the original, here are five things to know about the next Terminator movie.

Important Things To Know About Terminator: Dark Fate

1. James Cameron is returning

What can be more exciting about the next Terminator film than to have the person who is behind it all return again? Back in 1984, it was James Camron who was first behind the franchise as both its director and screenwriter. Not only did he work on the first film, but he was also actively involved in the second, which has gone on to remain the best film in the series yet.

Almost three decades later, Cameron is returning to what he started although he is coming as a producer this time around as well as one of the 6 screenwriters.

2. Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger are also returning

James Cameron is not the only one making a return; and are also coming back. Arnold became a famous superstar thanks in part to the Terminator series, although he has now become more of its face and has been involved in every release that was made as T-800.

However, Linda has been left out, despite the fact that she is also very important to the story as Sarah Connor. For the first time since 1991 with the release of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, we are having the return of Hamilton, Arnold, and Cameron. The three were part of the franchise in its starting days which also happen to be its best days.

3. Tim Miller is directing it

Since Camron is not directing, who is? Well, it’s the man behind , Tim Miller. Since making his debut as a film director with Deadpool, Miller has become one of the most regarded directors in Hollywood having first established himself as a commercial director.

Considering the success of Deadpool, many would have thought he would return for the sequel but instead of that, it is this film that he is now working on. Maybe, for the first time in the franchise since the Cameron era, we may get to have a director who can really get the job done.

4. It is the start of a new trilogy

Terminator: Dark Fate is coming both as a new film in the franchise as well as the film to start a new trilogy. Before now, there have been attempts at giving the film a fresh start, but such attempts have all failed. With a new Trilogy, it is a new attempt by James Cameron to give another breath to it, hoping that this time around, it will respond.

The first time that an attempt at getting a new trilogy was made was in 2007 with Terminator Salvation and then in 2013 with Terminator Genisys, but both attempts did not work out.


5. The Terminator: Dark Fate plot

For now, there is still so much about the film that still remains unknown, including the plot. What is known, however, is that instead of building on the previous stories, Dark Fate is ignoring them and coming as a direct sequel to the second film in the series; Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Since Judgement Day was released, the stories have taken different forms and directions, but as it is now clear, none pleased Cameron and so he is ignoring them all and returning to where he had left it all back in 1991.

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