7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About EXID and the Group’s Current Members

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The South Korean K-pop girl group, EXID (an acronym for Exceed In Dreaming) was formed by AB Entertainment as a group of 6 in 2012. Signed under Banana Culture, it has seen members leave and join over the years and is currently a five-piece group.

They debuted in February 2012 with the single Whoz That Girl but inadvertently became famous in 2014 after a fancam of their live performance of the single Up & Down went viral four months after its release. It peaked at number one on the Gaon Singles Chart making way for subsequent commercially successful releases.

There are rumors that the group would finally disband after Hani and Junghwa decided not to renew their contracts. However, EXID has explained that although they would be going on a hiatus, they are not disbanding.

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About EXID and the Current Group Members

1. EXID Wasn’t Their Original Name

The girl group was originally named WT which is an acronym for Who’s That but changed their name to EXID a few months before they made their debut.

The original members were Yuji, Hani, Haeryeong, Jeonghwa, LE, and Dami. Two months after their debut, three of the members, Yuji, Haeryeong, and Dami left and later reformed as BESTie. Solji and Hyelin were brought as replacements, forming a quintet with Hani, Jeonghwa, and LE.

EXID has released two studio albums; Street (2016) and Trouble (2019), five extended plays (EP) including We (2019), and twenty-one singles.

2. Solji was EXID’s Vocal Coach before Becoming a Member

As a singer, Solji has tasted both ends of the musical world; she has sang in a group as well as tried her hands in a solo career in 2008. She was one part of the ballad duo, 2NB with Kim Song-Yi. With 2NB, Solji released 23 singles none of which broke through.

Solji was a vocal coach for EXID and when an opening came with the departure of three original members, she joined the group in 2012, debuting as a member in August. Her experience teaching them earned her their respect and coupled with the fact that she is the oldest, she effortlessly became EXID’s Leader.

3. LE was an Underground Rapper

One of EXID’s pioneer members, LE born Ahn Hyo Jin on December 10, 1991, in Cheonan was an underground rapper and songwriter. She performed with the hip-hop group Jiggy Fellaz as Elly until she was discovered by producer Shinsadong Tiger. LE is also a producer and is well known as the main rapper and lead dancer of the group.

One other fact about LE that you probably didn’t know is that despite her personality especially when she performs, her fellow members consider her the most feminine on EXID.

4. Hani May be EXID’s Face but She is a Shy Princess

Ahn Hee Yeon is her birth name but she is popular as Hani, EXID’s lead vocalist and Lead dancer. She was born on May 1, 1992, in Seoul. She was a JYP Entertainment trainee before becoming an idol. On joining the group, she formed the subunit SoljiHani (formerly known as Dasoni) with Solji.

Besides her musical contributions, she is also the visual as well as the face of the group. As visual, she is the prettiest member as per the Korean beauty standard, a position she shares with Jeonghwa. Being the most popular member, she also doubles as EXID’s Face, the one many people think of first, when they hear the group name.

Despite being the face of the group, Hani is a shy princess even with all her acting and hosting gigs. Another thing you probably didn’t know about her is that she is very smart. She has an IQ of 145 and can speak both Chinese and English fluently.

5. Hyerin Has Her Own YouTube Channel

Hyerin with the voice was born in Gwangju on August 23, 1993 and named Seo Hye Rin. She is the lead vocalist of the group. Just like Hani, she is also the only child in her family and super smart as well.

Hyerin is a graduate of Dongduk Women’s University and was a former Cube trainee. She joined the group as a replacement to those members that left, in 2013. She launched her own YouTube channel named Jeul-Lin TV in April 2019 which literally means Joy Full-Lin TV.

6. Jeonghwa, EXID’s Maknae is Also a Very Talented Actress

A former trainee of JYP Entertainment, Park Jung Hwa is popularly known as Jeonghwa. She was born on May 8th, 1995 in Anyang, which makes her the group’s youngest member (maknae).

Jeonghwa is also the main dancer, lead rapper, EXID’s vocalist and visual, a position she has shared with Hani since Every Night.

She grew up wanting to be an actress and took drama lessons while in third grade. She made her acting debut in 2004 with Wives on Strike and has since appeared in variety shows, web drama and TV series including Led Apples’ With the Wind, Mask, If Love Was Not Timeless, and The Show. 

A load of talents, there are many other things Jeonghwa can do including playing the piano.


7. Have You Heard Their Nicknames?

Solji eats mostly eggs whenever she is on diet which makes her to fart a lot. Thus, she was nicknamed Heo Bad Gas. Hani, on the other hand does not fart as much as Solji but she is the queen of burps, especially on the dinner table. She is known as Ahn Burp.

While living with Hani, LE earned the nickname Ahn Dirty because she never cleaned up. Hyerin probably makes this characteristic sound that is associated with one who chews loudly, thus her nickname, Jjeop Jjeop. EXID’s maknae, Jeonghwa is affectionately called Maeboli because she annoys the others, lovingly though.

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