7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About SF9 Boy Group

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There are various K-pop boy groups in Asia but one that has gained much prominence is SF9. SF9 has been in the industry for over two years and have sung and danced their way into the hearts of many music lovers. This entertainment group was formed by one of the large music agencies in South Korea, FNC Entertainment.

FNC Entertainment was founded by a musician and record producer Han Seong-ho. It was founded with the name FNC Music in 2006 but was later changes to FNC Entertainment in 2012. The agency is involved in music production, licensing, and artists management. They are in charge of managing various entertainers such as Yoo Jae-suk, Jeong Hyeong-don, Lee Guk-joo, Lee Se-young and so on. Other groups that call this agency home include F.T. Island, , and N.Flying.

Facts About FNC’s SF9 You Really Want To Know

1. What is SF9 Boy Group?

SF9 is the name of a nine-member K-pop boy group established by FNC Entertainment in 2015. The SF in the name stands for Sensational Feeling and the 9 represents the number of singers in the group. It was the first boy dance group to be debuted by the agency.

This group was originally called NEOZ Dance and at the time, they consisted of 11 members. They made their pre-debut performance in Japan on December 11, 2015. By May 16, they competed in a survival series, d.o.b (Dance or Band) against NEOZ band. They won the show with their single K.O. which was also included in their debut album. They released their debut album titled “Feeling Sensation” with Fanfare as its lead track on October 5, 2016. The album peaked at no. 6 on Gaon Album Chart that year and ranked 78th for album sales.

From the release of their first album to their first stage debut, 2016 was an eventful year for the crew. They began the promotion for the second track on the album, K.O in November of that year. The subsequent years were also eventful and spiced with good music and great energy from the group.

2. Who Are the Members?


Kim Youngbin was born on November 23, 1993. He is a native of Anyang in South Korea. His parents and siblings are unknown but it is certain he has an older brother and sister. He was a former trainee at 1 MILLION dance studio. He is currently the leader of SF9. Youngbin is also the crew’s main dancer and lead rapper.


Kim Inseong is the group’s main vocalist. He was born on July 12, 1993, in Seoul, South Korea. He is the oldest member of the group and an only child from an affluent family. Inseong studied in London, hence, he speaks good English. He was a former trainee at SM Entertainment.


Lee Jaeyoon was born on August 9, 1994, in Busan, South Korea. He studied at the Dong Ah Institute of Media and Art. He is said to have a melodious voice, little wonder his position as one of the main vocalists. However, the agency he trained at hasn’t been revealed.


This 5”10′ lead vocalist was born Lee Sanghyuk. He was born on July 24, 1995, in Ilsan, South Korea. He is the only child of his parents whose identities remain a mystery at this time. Where he was trained before SF9 has also not been revealed.


Zuho was born Baek Juho on July 4, 1996, in Seoul, South Korea. He was the first trainee of SF9 who trained for six years before debuting. This unique artist is the group’s main rapper.


Rowoon was born on August 7, 1996, as Kim Seokwoo. He hails from Ilsan, South Korea and stands at a height of 6”2′ and weighs 73kg. He was the second trainee at SF9 who debuted six years after. He is one of the lead vocalist, visual and center of the group.


Yoo Taeyang was born on February 28, 1997, in Seoul, South Korea. Much is not known about his family or background, however, his musical career began with SF9. He was the 3rd trainee of the group. He is also one of the lead vocalists and main dancers of the group.


Kim Youngkyun is one of the members of SF9. He debuted as one of the group’s rappers and vocalists. He was born on May 11, 1999, in Busan, South Korea. For his education, Hwiyoung attended Hanlim Multi Art School.


Chani is a very talented young man who takes on several responsibilities as a member of SF9. He was born Kang Chanhee on January 17, 2000, making him the younger member of the crew. He hails from Daejeon, South Korea and is a graduate of SOPA.

3. Actors Among the SF9 Boy Group

The talents exhibited by this youngsters exceeds deft in music and its instruments. Some of the members of SF9 are upcoming actors. For instance, Chani has starred in dramas like Can You Hear My Heart (2011), Heaven’s Garden (2011), The Innocent Man (2012), among others. Rowoon also has an acting career as he has starred in Korean movies such as School (2017) and About Time (2018).

4. SF9 Fan Club

Every K-pop artist or group has their special fan club which they get to assign a name to. SF9’s Fanclub is known as Fantasy. The group explained that because Fantasy meant the fulfillment of one’s hopes in your imagination, they believed that their fans will be part of the fulfillment of their hopes.

5. Where is Inseong?

As can be noticed, one of SF9 members is conspicuously absent from their recent official schedules. Inseong is presently on a short medical hiatus which began at the beginning of August 2019. This is due to an injury he suffered – an unfortunate sternum fracture – during practice. He is expected to rejoin the group as soon as he is fit again.

6. What Are Their Achievements?

Despite being a young group, SF9 already boasts of several achievements. They have so far successfully released two studio albums, seven EPs, a single album and over a dozen singles. They have also had songs and albums peaking at top spots of several charts within and outside Korea. They have been nominated for various prestigious awards and have won some. Among their list of awards are Asia Artist Award, Seoul Success Awards, Fandom School Awards, among others.

7. How Much is SF9 Boy Group Worth?

SF9 debuted in 2016 and has worked hard to get to the heights they currently fly. Judging from the success of their musical career, it can be concluded that they have acquired a reasonable amount of wealth. However, at the moment, it is uncertain what the group makes monthly or annually or their net worth.

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