All American Season 2: 5 Things To Know About The Football Focused TV Series

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It is a touchdown for fans of All American football-focused TV series as the show has finally returned for a second season. The CW show which is built around the high school years of former NFL star Spencer Paysinger ended the first season with the lives of almost everyone from the highly talented Spencer James to his coach Billy Baker and his family, are pretty much in mess. With that said, All American Season 2 has many surprises on its sleeves as it continues to roll. Here is all to know about the TV series:

Things To Know About All American Season 2

1. Storyline

All American Season 2 will still revolve around the life of Spencer James, just as the first. Although he comes as a state champion, he is faced with the tough decision of deciding whether he is remaining in Beverly Hills where he will continue to play for Coach Billy Baker (Taye Diggs) or make the move back home to South LA where he will not only reunite with his family but will also get to play for his father who is the head coach of the South Crenshaw Chargers.

With the lives of everyone already changing pretty fast in the first season, their lives are getting even turned more by the decision of Spencer as well as some unexpected turn of events.

The pilot episode “Hussle & Motivate” pays tribute to the late rapper . Apart from his music which was featured in the show, clothes from his shop are also worn by characters.

2. Reception

The CW series was well received in the first season although it is not necessarily the best show we have seen. It pulled more than 685,000 viewers in its first season. Although All American Season 2 still has some distance to go, it seems to be having a better run thanks in part to Netflix.

The show has been received quite well with a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.6 of 10 on IMDb.

3. All American Season 2 Cast

Just as everyone would rightly expect, we get to meet most of the stars in the first season of the show again in the second.

The Season 2 include people like Daniel Ezra who continues with his main role of Spencer James who returns to the show as a football State Champion, Bre-Z who portrays the lesbian friend of Spencer Tamia “Coop” Cooper, Greta Onieogou who portrays Layla Keating, as well as Samantha Logan as Olivia Baker.

Others are Karimah Westbrook (Grace) who is the mother of Spencer, his brother Dillon who is portrayed by Jalyn Hall, as well as his father Cory who is played by Chad Coleman. There are many other minor characters as well as guest characters who have made appearances in the second season.

4. When is the Release Date?

All American Season 2 has premiered on The CW on 7 October 2019 for its sophomore season. It is expected to also have 16 seasons just like the first and it will run until March 2020 when the final season episode will be aired.

With still some time before the second season of the show will run out, there have already been speculations about the future of the show; All American Season 3. Although there is no confirmation on whether it will see the light of the day, the speculation is that if it will come, it will be expected in October 2020 and will run until 2021, maintaining the same pattern.

For now, fingers remain crossed on things like the plot, cast members, trailer, and everything of the sort.

5. Will All American Season 2 be on Netflix?

Just as it happened during the first season, after it was aired on TV, the show will again make, make a return to Netflix.

In its first season, the show was a hit for Netflix which got to stream it on March 28 after the show was aired from October 10, 2018, to March 20, 2019. Following the same pattern, after the second season of the show is aired, fans who prefer to access it all at the same time can stream it from Netflix less than 10 days after the final episode has been aired, which could be in the latter part of March 2020.

It has been revealed that The CW has had a deal with Netflix for the streaming of its shows. Although there are some that are not necessarily part of the deal including shows like Pandora, All American has.

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