Another Life Season 2: 5 Things To Know About Katee Sackhoff’s New TV Show

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The year 2019 saw the return of highly anticipated series like Game of Thrones, Money Heist, Power, and so many amazing productions that had kept viewers on edge over the years. While some of these series were in their penultimate seasons, others were gearing up to continue from where they stopped. This is the case for Another Life season 2 which is set to keep up the thrill of the science fiction series that Aaron Martin created.

Although some movie critics in their respective reviews fault the producers for failing to develop the characters in a way that would befit its extraterrestrial threats and space horror, there is no doubt that the series has been well-received, at least to a fair degree that warranted a renewal. In fact, Katee Sackhoff, a leading cast and one of the producers of the series disclosed sometime in October that the series will be making a return with not just season 2, but, that there is an outline for the show to run till season 3.

5 Things To Know About Another Life Season 2

Ever since Katee Sackhoff revealed in an interview that things are in place for Another Life Season 2, a lot of speculations have been made about how it will all pan out. Well, the following are the things you should expect and know about the second season of the web television show that premiered on the 25th of July 2019.

1. The dead do not return

This might sound like a spoiler but at the same time, it’s an obvious fact. The death of Ian Yerxa (Tyler Hoechlin), the former commander of The Salvare space explorations ship means that we won’t be seeing Yerxa in season 2 of Another Life. If you recall, Ian was killed by Captain Niko Breckenridge (Katee Sackhoff) in the final episode of season 1.

This is also the case for Sasha (Jake Abel) who was killed by Bernie (A.J. Rivera) for attacking Zayn ( JayR Tinaco). So far, the show has shown that even the most likable character is liable to die at any moment since anyone could be possessed by the alien spiders that made Sasha lost his mind and left Bernie with no choice but to kill him. In essence, everyone is like a prey fighting for survival and in the process, there is no guarantee that whoever dies will ever return. So, brace yourself!

2. It’s going to be a battle of the big dogs; war against extermination

Historically, the Achaians (Aliens) have invaded and conquered over 300 star systems, spreading their influence across including Zakir, another planet which was blown up five years before they landed on earth. The mysterious landing of a UFO spaceship and the creating of a large crystalline structure referred to as the artifact on earth suggests that the intentions of the aliens are unclear but most likely bleak.

Also, Niko and her crew’s fact-finding mission to unravel the truth behind the object in space seems to be coming off well as the tension rises. It will not be out of place to expect a full-blown war between the Achaians and the humans led by a bloodthirsty Salvare crew upon their return to earth with their allies. Surely, this is a war against extermination.

3. What becomes the fate of Niko’s family?

In the first season, we witnessed the family bond, love, and compassion Niko and her husband Erik (Justin Chatwin) share for their daughter Jana (Linna Renna). After the incident in the artifact that left Jana with severe leukemia and pushed Erik into trusting the Aliens to heal his daughter, how will Niko feel when she learns of this development? How will Erik react when he eventually finds out that Harper Glass (Selma Blair) might not be the helper he thought him to be; perhaps, the enemy?

4. The Achaian technology may complicate things

The reviving of Javier (Alexander Eling), a crew member of the Salvare who was left braindead after Sasha’s attack, using the Achaian implant, meant that there is every possibility that Williams (Samuel Anderson) could still use the same Achaian technology to transform Niko back to the one he created to soothe his obsession for her. Perhaps, the Achaian technology might just be brewing some twist.

5. When will Another Life season 2 be released? 

Katee Sackhoff in her interview did not disclose any precise date. But then, it is believed that producers and cast members are already hard at work to ensure better ratings for the seasons. All things being equal, the release date would be communicated to the public in the nearest future.

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