Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy, Sequel, Cast, Release Date, And Everything Else

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Since its release in the summer of 2018 – August 7, Crazy Rich Asians – the first instalment adapted from the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy novels dominated the box office; becoming the most successful romantic-comedy produced in the decade. The movie has grossed well over $238 million worldwide since it was released.

The movie is based on the novel Crazy Rich Asians written by Kevin Kwan in 2013 and is directed by Jon M. Chu. It tells the story of a Chinese-American Professor of Economics from New York University who travels to Singapore with her boyfriend for his best friend’s wedding. She meets his family only to discover they are among the richest families in the country.

Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy And Sequels

In 2013, Kevin Kwan released his novel Crazy Rich Asians in an attempt to present contemporary Asia to the world. The novel became an instant success and was quickly followed by the sequel China Rich Girlfriend in 2015 and then Rich People Problems in 2017, giving rise to the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy.

In 2018, a movie with the same name was released as an adaptation of the novel, and just like the novel, it recorded huge commercial and critical success, becoming one of the most successful best romantic comedy of the decade. After the first movie, the other two adaptations of the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy are also expected to hit the screen soon.

To anyone who saw the first film, it will only be normal to expect that another would come after a “to be continued” seed was planted and also with the mid-credit scene that gave a hint of a possible reunion between Astrid and her ex-boyfriend Charlie.

China Rich Girlfriend is the second book in Kevin Kwan’s trilogy. It tells the story of how Rachel and Nick travel to China to look for her father whom all this while, she was made to believe to be dead and who is filthy rich. It also continues the story of their engagement. And the last sequel of the trilogy is Rich People Problems which tells the story of the conspiracy, fights and backstabbing in rich people’s lives as Nick’s grandmother lays on her sickbed.

What is good about the trilogy is that you do not need to watch Crazy Rich Asians before you can follow the two if they get to be released, at least that is the way it is with the novels. However, watching it will give you a better understanding compared to someone who has not. The second work in the series is set 2 years after the end of the first story, followed by the third.


If you have watched the first movie in the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy, you are sure to meet some of your favourite cast members in the sequels – China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People ProblemsHere are the cast members of Crazy Rich Asians.

1. Rachel Chu () – Born to a single mum, Chu is a young and fresh Professor of Economics from New York University and Nick Young’s girlfriend. In the second part of the work, she finds out that her father is a billionaire and after many trials, she ends up marrying Nick.

2. Nick Young () – He is a Professor of History from New York University who kept hidden the secrets of his family’s wealthy status from his girlfriend Rachel Wu. As he marries Rachael, both their rich parents attend the ceremony.

3. Eleanor Young () – She is the mother of Nick Young who doesn’t like the relationship between Rachel and her son. However, in the next part of the work, she has a different opinion of Rachel having realized she is also rich.

4. Astrid Leong () – She is a cousin to Nick Young and a true friend of Rachel who faces a family problem of her own. She’s often referred to as the “goddess” because of her radiant beauty and high fashion sense. She will have many problems with her marriage to Michael Teo. Will they survive?

5. Michael Teo () – So much will change about Michael in China Rich Girlfriend following the success he records with his new company. Still, he is not anywhere near his wife’s family.

6. Charlie Wu () – Previously, he was in love with Astrid but then, her powerful family broke them up. Now, with crises in both their marriages, the fire of their love for each other may just be on its way back. The reason why Astrid’s family did not want him to marry her was that he was not rich to their standard.

7.  Peik Lin () – She’s a good friend and confidante of Rachel. She’s from a very rich Singaporean family. She will also feature with her true friendship to Rachel in the second movie in the franchise.

8. Kitty Pong () – She left Alister Cheng who is a cousin to Nick for Bernard Tai. However, the union has hit the rocks and she is now in a very hot legal battle with Tai for the custody of Gisele (their daughter). What is more, she has got herself a new lover in Jack Bing and she is now heading to Shanghai.

9. Bao Gaoling – A new character, he is a billionaire in China, a politician, and businessman who as it turns out, is the biological father of Rachel.

10. Bao Shaoyen – She is the wife of Bao Gaoling and mother of Carlton Bao, who is 23. Although she refused to accept Rachel at first, she later came around and accepted her. But did she?

11. Carlton Bao – He does not appear in the first instalment, but you will meet him in the second and third as the paternal half-brother of Rachel. He is a wild child.

12. Jack Bing – This is also one of the new characters you will meet. He is equally a billionaire and the new lover of Kitty after she leaves Benard. Or is he?

13. Colin () – a childhood and best friend of Nick Young, whose extravagant wedding with Araminta will quench Asia’s thirst for a royal wedding.

14. Colette Bing – If you are finding it hard to guess, she is Jack Bing’s daughter, a fashion blogger. She is not the one whom you will like if you do not like nasty people, because that is all she is.

For all the characters that are being introduced in the sequels of Crazy Rich Asians, while there are speculations about who may take what role, we still do not know in actuality when it comes to those who will take the roles.

Release Date

As regards the release date of China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems, most people would think that Warner Bros will rush into the sequels so as to tap from the popularity and the excitement that Crazy Rich Asians has enjoyed thus far.

However, we may not have it as soon as we may want, but it will not take forever to drop. According to some reports, Chu is currently working on In the Heights, which is expected to be released in 2020. It is after this that he is expected to come back to the second work in the series.

If we are to go by this, then the bet is that we are going to have Crazy Rich Asians 2 in 2021. At worst, which is almost completely unlikely, it will be released in 2022. Once the second in the film is released, the third and final will come almost immediately after. It is not expected for the third to take any longer than it took the second to be released.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, tables have already started moving with regards to the sequel of the work. The report which was made in 2018, had it that the team behind the highly successful romantic movie is reuniting towards getting China Rich Girlfriend on the move. Apart from Chu who we have learned has already signed for the second, it is not clear if other members of the team, including Peter Chiarelli and Adele Lim who are the screenwriters, have signed yet.


Everything Else About The Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy

Already, there are other important things we know thus far about the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy:

1. Warner Bros. is yet to officially give the green light for work to start on the next movie but as already stated, the groundwork has already taken off. As it is with all other series, there is what is known as the wait-and-see period which is the period Warner Bros. is at with regards to the sequels.

2. China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems are expected to be shot at a go, although they are not going to be released together. Sources have revealed that there will be no delay for the two sequels.

3. It is only normal for you to expect that you will be greeted with some new characters in the sequel. Nothing to fear, your old and favourite characters have not lost their places.

4. Among some names that have been tipped to appear in the next sequels are who may likely play Jack Bing, Lana Condor as Colette Bing, and Michelle Chong for the role of Roxanne Ma. Of course, these are only speculations as the producers are yet to announce anything.

5. The first sequel in the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy is going to be shot in China. According to John Penotti, China Rich Girlfriend will have its location set in Shanghai. The producer made the revelation at the Co-Production Summit’s Chinese American Film Festival. What is not known, however, is whether there will be a China-U.S. co-production which is something that was tried in the first installation but did not work out.

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