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As far as is concerned, Darrell Sheets is one of the WOW factors of the show. Popularly known as The Gambler, he has been on the reality series since from its first season and has come to be loved for his boldness in taking very big risks which have paid off with things like a letter said to be written by one of America’s greatest president, Abraham Lincoln and drawings made by Spanish painter and sculptor, Pablo Picasso.

Darrell Sheets Biography

Sheets was born in Covina California USA on May 13th, 1958. There is, however, no information on how he was brought up or even anything about his education.

Nonetheless, The Gambler became a part of the series Storage Wars which has come to make him famous in December 2010 when the show first began. He has been a main cast of the show since it began as a buyer. Apart from him, the only people that have been in the show as main characters since its first season are Dan and Laura Dotson who are known as American Auctioneers, as well as Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante known as The Young Guns, who are also buyers.

On the A&E Network reality TV series he has come to be a very major force. In 2012, he found the biggest payout in the history of the show when in his normal fashion, he gambled $3,600 on a storage locker. When it was finally opened, he found the original art of Frank Guttierez which based on the estimation of experts should cost close to $300,000.

As later revealed by the storage auction veteran, the locker belonged to Guttierez, whom he was later able to contact. According to him, he has given him back most of the things in the locker.

Although like most other reality TV shows, there are many who allege that the show is scripted, it got worse for Storage Wars when Dave Hester sued A&E and Original Productions insisting that some parts of the show were staged. However, the show weathered the storm and Hester later found his way back to the show.

In March 2019, the Storage Wars star suffered a mild heart attack which led to surgery. He shared on his Instagram that after suffering ill-health for three months, his heart started failing which led to the congestive heart failure surgery.

Wife, Divorce, and Children

For someone who has proven in Storage Wars that he is not only a gambler in words, one of the things Darrell Sheets will not gamble on is his family. It is the single thing he places above everything else. That said, he has managed to keep many details about his family away from the scrutiny of the public.

However, it is known that he was once married in the past and the marriage ended in a divorce. What still remains missing from the public domain is the name of his former wife.

He was previously in a relationship with Kimber Wuerfel whom he met in a rather interesting way. The first time he saw her, it was on the road when they were both driving in California. Darrell and Kimber exchanged glances through their car windows. Immediately, Sheets decided he wanted the woman and so he followed her car before later sticking a paper with his phone number on her car window.

The couple dated for some time and even decided they wanted to share their lives together with an engagement. But then, it was not to be as the engagement was later called off and the relationship ended.

The next woman he met would be Romney Snyder who is now his fiance. He announced his engagement to the new woman in his life in 2016 when he was at The Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Romney works for a nonprofit organization that is into saving horses from slaughter auctions known as HiCaliber Horse Rescue.

Darrell Sheets has a son, Brandon Sheets who has now joined him on Storage Wars. When he was in a relationship with Kimbra, he adopted her children, describing them as his.


Net Worth

The net worth of Darrell Sheets is estimated at $4.5 million. He gets most of his fortune from the reality TV series which he has been on for close to a decade. Thanks to his bold moves, he has recorded many significant biddings. He once found a letter said to be written by Lincoln which was sold for $15,000, some drawings by Picasso, and many other valuables.

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