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Esther Ku is a Korean-American stand-up comedian; she is also a Television personality and an actress.

Esther Ku Age and Bio

Esther Ku was born on the 17th of February 1980 to Korean missionary parents in Chicago, USA. At the time of writing this article, she is 37 years old.

She reportedly began stand-up comedy at age 13 during her school’s Eighth Grade Talent Show. In an interview, she revealed how the whole comedy career kicked off with her family being her inspiration. She said in high school she wrote articles and people commended her for being funny and that was when she decided she could actually be a comedian. She eventually went on to take adult education classes on stand-up comedy because she felt that she didn’t know how to find the open mics.

Ku also revealed that she started out in an open mic in Boston and at first she thought it was hard trying to create a character on stage, but with time she realized that she had to be herself and just let her natural abilities take over.

In her early days, it was said Esther Ku was fired from her then job as a traveling sales representative for Sharpie on claims that she was laughing too much. She also claimed that it was a test of her intended comedy profession at the time.

In 2006, she was selected for NBC’s Stand-up for Diversity Showcase, and in 2011, she was the master of ceremony for a show in New York which was based on Asian Heritage and featured Jenny Choi and Peerlander-Z.

Esther Ku played the role of Tracy on The Jack and Triumph Show, although the show didn’t go past seven episodes. Ku has also appeared in a couple of shows and short films.

The spotlight was eventually above Esther Ku when she was a finalist of the Last Comic Standing, a reality show by NBC set out to find the wackiest and funniest comedian in the country. She was eliminated in the first round but this never discouraged her from taking stand-up comedy as a profession.

Esther Ku later went on to be a finalist in shows like NBC’s Last Comic Standing Season 6 and Howard Stern’s Hottest Funniest Chick Contest on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Ku is said to spend her time rewriting lyrics to her favorite oldies songs and actually shared this comedy album she named ‘Oldies Parodies’ which is available on iTunes.

She currently resides in Brooklyn and she travels the world entertaining audiences with her “bratty charm” and “infamous” loud laugh.


When it comes to jokes, she practically jokes about anything, though some people actually find her jokes not amusing and having racial content. In 2006 when she had a show at Jimbo’s she joked about being Asian and having to deal with it;

“I don’t really like being Asian, but I’m kinda stuck with it. The only good thing about being Asian is that it helps you get into College”

She also said “Nigerian babies costs like 25 cents a day, Asian babies cost a lot more because they pay off” she however asked if she went too far.

Esther Ku’s Body Measurements

There appears to be no given or known information about her body measurements but from her pictures and shows, she appears to be slim and tall.


Due to the way she jokes about everything sometimes, it’s still unclear if she has a boyfriend or not because on her twitter page she always talks about searching for one and the things they’ll do together among others.

this still remains a mystery as we are yet to figure out her relationship status, but If she has a boyfriend, I really can’t say how he would feel about these posts or can we say he has already gotten used to them?


We do know that she has managed to keep that private and we are of course waiting for her to joke or seriously say something about it.

Esther Ku Family

What we could only gather was the fact that her parents were Korean, Missionaries and they had a strong sense of humor. Ku always talked about them being one of the reasons she went into comedy as her parents and siblings would tease each other when they can, she referred to them as “Natural Comedians.”

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