Is Drew Carey Married or Gay, Who is The Wife or Girlfriend, Net Worth, Salary

Drew Allison Carey's Net Worth as of July 2024 is $165 Million

Quick Facts of Drew Allison Carey

Net Worth$165 Million
Salary$8.5 Million per year
Height5 ft 10 in
Date of Birth23 May, 1958

Popular comedian, actor, and game show host, Drew Carey has come a long way in the journey to fame and stardom. The rising entertainer went from an ordinary nine to five guy who couldn’t afford 3 meals daily to a famous celebrity with a staggering multi-million dollar net worth.

With his trademark ever-present buddy holly style glasses, his breathy high-pitched laughter, and his signature flat-top haircut, he has distinguished himself in the entertainment industry and has maintained an enviable position in his career.

Drew created a niche for himself in stand-up comedy, but his rise to fame came with his own sitcom, The Drew Carey Show and Whose Line is it Anyway on ABC. He also hosts the CBS game show titled The Game is Right.

Drew is also a minority owner of Seattle Sounders FC, a Major League Soccer Team in the United States. He has showcased his prowess as an author; he wrote his autobiography Dirty Jokes and Beer: Stories of the Unrefined which chronicled his formative years and career in television.

How much does Drew Carey earns from The Price is Right?

A famous comedian as well as star actor Drew Carey earns around $12.5 million annually for hosting “The Price is Right”. He is also considered one of the highest-paid TV hosts.

Who Is Drew Carey?

The American actor, Drew Allison Carey, was born in Cleveland, Ohio, the USA on the 23rd of May 1958. He was born as the youngest child of the Carey family with two older brothers coming before him.

He grew up in Cleveland alongside his brothers; Neal who was born in 1946 and Roger who was born in 1952.

Source: Biography

When Drew Carey was eight, he lost his father, Lewis Carey, to a brain tumor and consequently went into depression.

After his dad’s death, his mother, Beulah Carey, couldn’t spend quality time with the young Drew because she had to hold down extra jobs to cater to the needs of her family and so Drew was left to his devices.

Even his big brothers couldn’t connect with the traumatized Drew probably because of the massive age difference between them. He tried to commit suicide twice but failed on both occasions.

Looking into his educational background, he finished high school in 1975 at Rhodes High School where he actively participated in the marching band as a cornet player and also as a trumpeter.

He proceeded to Kent State University where he was expelled for poor academic performance. He also had some problems with his sight.

Drew eventually decided to leave college after three years and went ahead to enlist in the Marine Corps Reserve of the USA in 1979.

After a fulfilling four years with the Reserve, the emerging entertainer relocated to Las Vegas in 1983 where he got a job as a bank teller, he also worked as a waiter at Denny’s.

His career in comedy took off after two years in 1985 and by the next year, the rising comedian won an open microphone contest.

Source: The Price is Right Wiki

Was Drew Care a Navy Seal?

A famous comedian, as well as the actor who presents The Drew Crey Show, has served in the Marine Corps Reserves from the year 1980-to 1986. He has given his six years of career to Navy Seal. During his service time, he adopted his trademark and also horn-rimmed glasses.

Drew Carey’s Net Worth & Salary

The comedian and actor earn a handsome $8.5 million as his annual salary which substantially contributes to his staggering net worth of $165 Million. Coming from a guy who had to sell his blood plasma to put food on his table, that is pretty amazing.

Apart from his annual income, Drew has won a substantial amount of money from the celebrity version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire; in fact, he currently holds the record for the most money won on that show.

He won a total of $532,000 from a couple of appearances on the show; winning $500,000 in 1999 during his first appearance and $32,000 during his second appearance.

Why did Drew Carey leave Price is Right?

The show named “Price is Right” had to stop due to corona virus restrictions in 2020 which has affected Carey’s long-running camera presence.

Is Drew Carey Married Or Gay?

Although there have been rumors surrounding his sexuality, it has been confirmed that Drew Carey is not gay but a straight man. Though he has been in several relationships over the years, the American actor has never managed to actually get married to anyone.

Did Drew Carey travel to Vietnam?

Drew Carey has hosted a program called “The Underground Garage” in which he looked back on the war of Vietnam and he tells the tale of the war’s impact along with the music.

Who Is His Wife Or Girlfriend?

He was previously in a relationship with Nicole Jaracz who became his fiancée in 2007. After a five-year-long engagement, the couple made the decision to go their separate ways in January 2012.

Although they did not have any kids together, Drew assumed a father figure to Nicole Jaracz’s son, Connor, who she had from a previous relationship. At the time of their relationship, Nicole Jaracz and her son made several appearances on Carey’s show, The Price is Right.

Source: Today Show

It would appear that between 2012 and 2017, the comedian was not involved in any other relationship.

His love life was rekindled in 2017 when he met therapist, Dr. Amie Nicole Harwick, at a house party, the duo hit it off and began dating immediately, and eventually, in January 2018, their official engagement was made public.

Since then the couple has been spotted in several public events together.

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