Every Which Way But Loose Cast: Where Are They Now?

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Every Which Way But Loose is an adventure comedy movie released by Warner Bros Studios in 1978, and it has a very popular actor (Clint Eastwood) as the lead character. Clint, the popular gun-slinging western movies actor, took lead in this comedy movie which was a deviation from the regular movie roles that he was synonymous with. He played the role of Philo Beddo, a trucker, who alongside his brother (Orville) and pet Orangutan (Clyde), set out in search of his lost lover. This journey and lifestyle as a trucker and brawler, however, made him cross the path of the Law and a biker gang who are out on a revenge mission to get him.

The movie thrived at the Box Office, raking in a total of $104 million despite having a production budget of just $5 million. It took the second spot amongst movies with the highest earnings for 1978, although the lead actor didn’t get much love from critics. Nonetheless, it was his highest-grossing movie then.

Every Which Way But Loose Cast

The main cast of the movie includes Clint Eastwood who as already stated, took the role of Philo Beddo. Geoffrey Lewis played the friend of Clint, Orville Boggs, and then there’s Philo’s lover Lynn Halsey-Taylor played by Sondra Locke.

Other actors you will find in the movie are Ruth Gordon (Ma), Beverly D’Angelo (Echo), John Quade (Cholla), Dan Vadis (Frank), Bill McKinney (Dallas), Roy Jenson (Woody), William O’Connell (Elmo), Gary Davis (biker), Orwin Harvey (Biker), Chuck Waters (biker), Walter Barnes (Tank Murdock), Hank Wooden (Trailer Court Manager), and William J. Quinn (Kincade).

That’s not all, Cary Michael Cheifer played Kincade’s Manager, Jeremy Kronsberg featured as Bruno, and then there are Stock Sockstader, Gene LeBell, Jeremy Wills, James McEachin, Gregory Walcott, George Chandler, Manis, and Judson Scott.

Where Are They Now?

With a remake once said to be on the way, it remains to be seen who will still make it if it ever gets to see the light. The movie was released more than 4 decades ago, and it’s worth noting that most of the actors who featured in the movie were in their prime, so let us look at what most of the Every Which Way But Loose cast members are into currently:

1. Clint Eastwood

He has enjoyed a very brilliant career in Hollywood and has over the years transitioned from just an actor to a director, producer, and has even had the time to go into politics. He is still acting in movies till date and has featured in very recent movies such as The Mule (2018), Sad Hill Unearthed (2017), American Sniper (2014), etc.

2. Sondra Locke

Another popular Every Which Way But Loose cast member, she was actually named Sandra Louise Smith at birth on May 28, 1944. She was in a relationship with Clint Eastwood between 1975 and 1989 and they reportedly lived together. She last featured in a movie titled Ray Meets Ellen in 2017, her last appearance before then was in Clean and Narrow (1999). She died on November 3, 2018, in Los Angeles, California.

3. Geoffrey Lewis

He was an actor known for acting as a villain in most movies that he starred in. This movie marked the start of his popularity in Hollywood; he sadly passed in April 2015.

4. Beverly D’Angelo

She is still very much active in Hollywood and has featured in more than 16 movies in the last decade, the last of which was The Unicorn in 2018. She has also featured in about 40 television films and series since 1977.

5. John Quade

Born as John Williams Saunders III, he appeared as Cholla, the leader of the biker gang in this movie. He featured in several other films and television series till he retired in 1993, sadly he died in 2009.

6. William O’Connell

He featured as Elmo, the Sergeant-at-arms of the biker gang in the movie. William had a career that spanned for more than 2 decades in Hollywood. He’s retired from acting since the late 1980s.


7. Jeremy Kronsberg

He featured as Bruno, a member of the biker’s gang in the movie. Jeremy went on to become a screenwriter, director, and producer, retiring in the early 1980s.

Some of the Every Which Way But Loose cast members have passed on at various times after the movie release, listed below are some and the years of their deaths:

Dan Vadis (1987)

Roy Jenson (2007)

Bill McKinney (2011)

Walter Barnes (1998)

Gregory Walcott (2015).

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