Is Susan Rice Related To Condoleezza Rice and Does She Have A Husband?

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Political heavyweight Susan Rice is best known for her loyalty to several regimes and heavy involvement in American politics. Her career timeline is extensive and covers a wide range of high ranking appointments some of which saw her make history in different ways. One other thing that has made her stand out among many other politicians is her excellence at carrying out her duties and voicing her opinion about any given topic without fear or favor.

Beyond her good work ethics, however, she bears a resemblance physically and in name to fellow respected politician Condoleezza Rice who has also made giant strides in her career and been a force to reckon with in American Politics. Many have wondered if the two are related in any way which would explain their identical drive and passion for diplomacy and politics. A good dose of the questions on whether they are related or not also stems from the fact that they are both African American. Take a look below at a detailed look into both politicians to tell whether Susan Rice is Related to Condoleezza Rice or if they just coincidentally bear the same surname.

Are Susan Rice and Condoleezza Rice Family?

From all findings and indications, Susan Rice is not related in any way to Condoleezza Rice; they just coincidentally bear the same last name. However, the quest into whether Susan and Condoleezza are family did not start today. Going by Susan’s admissions, her mother who is late now used to get questions from people who erroneously assume she is Condoleezza’s mother and she did not find it funny in any way. In an interview at the Real Time with Bill Maher, Susan said that these mistakes can happen because there are some obvious similarities between herself and Condoleeza which explains it.

First, both women are African America and bear the same last name. They have ties with Stanford University albeit in different capacities. Susan Rice was an undergraduate at the university where she got her B.A in history. Long after her studies, she would return to the institution to serve on the board of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies. Condoleezza Rice, on the other hand, schooled at the University of Denver but went to Stanford University in pursuit of an academic fellowship. After obtaining it, she would return years later to become a professor at the institution and eventually a faculty member at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

On the political front, both women have also had the honor of serving as national security advisers to US presidents; Susan Rice under Barrack Obama and Condoleezza Rice under George W. Bush. Besides these, their political folders contain some very high and interesting positions where both women have proven themselves to be capable of whatever positions they have been appointed to over the years making history in some. As a political expert, Condoleezza served as the first female African-American Secretary of State and the second African-American Secretary of State following her appointment as the 66th U.S Secretary of State.

There is no doubt that Condoleezza Rice’s lavish political career at the White House earned her a good name in the American political history, but the Alabama-born politician is not linked in any way to Susan Rice.

Who is Her Husband?

Susan Rice is married to Ian Officer Cameron, a native of Victoria, British Columbia and a  former executive producer at ABC News. He obtained his first degree from Stanford University and went further to the London School of Economics for a master’s degree in international relations. His work portfolio revolves around being a producer with several different media outfits like the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Toronto where he worked as a tv producer. He has also held other roles as a management consultant for firms. When he eventually joined ABC in 1998, it seemed he had found a work home. He’s served in different capacities at the outlet since then and more recently, he became the executive producer of This Week With George Stephanopoulos.

The relationship between Susan Rice and Ian Cameron began during their undergraduate years at Stanford University where they first got acquainted. They dated for several years and eventually got married on September 12, 1992, at the St. Albans School Chapel. They have two children; son, Jake Rice-Cameron who followed in his parents’ tracks and is studying at Stanford University. He is also known to be a political enthusiast with views that are very different from those of his politically powerful mother. Susan and Ian’s second child is their daughter Maris Rice-Cameron.

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