Independence Day 3: Is There A Release Date Or Has The Sequel Been Cancelled?

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The Independence Day 3 movie is supposed to be the third release of the 1996 Independence Day film. The second release titled Independence Day: Resurgence came out in 2016, which is about a decade since the first was released. This seems to be the trend the third Independence Day movie is also taking, however, it has been speculated that we may never get to see this one. This has been linked to a lot of circumstances but the failure of Independence Day: Resurgence has further prolonged the release of the sequel. Know all about this popular American franchise as well as details on the possible release date of the third sequel below.

Independence Day Movie Plot

This much talked about American franchise which consists of Independence Day (1996), Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) and the anticipated Independence Day 3, centers on alien creatures devising means to take over the earth but are challenged by humans. The first production hit the international market in July 1996 and recorded a turnover of more than $817.4 million. It ranked as the highest-grossing movie in 1996 as well as the second-highest-grossing film international after the 1993 film, Jurassic Park. Independence Day also landed the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects in addition to a nomination from Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing and several other accolades.

The sequel which took a very long time to make finally came out in 2016 entitled, Independence Day: Resurgence. It followed suit in the storyline of aliens invading the planet earth but its events were set 20 years later. In the film, the United Nations established a unit known as Earth Space Defense to tackle the alien invasion. Independence Day 3 is supposed to take off from where the movie ended, hereby giving us a trilogy of the Independence Day film series.

Is There A Release Date For Independence Day 3?

As mentioned earlier, the Independence Day 3 film was intended to be the sequel of Independence Day: Resurgence was released in 2016. Like the first movie, the prequel also centered on aliens however, this sequel introduced another set of aliens named, Harvesters who were enemies with the first aliens. They also had intentions to lay claims on earth but the United Nations unit, Earth Space Defense defeated them. The aliens later retreated to space with their Queen and that brought Independence Day: Resurgence to an end. However, it was not supposed to be the end of the film series as the third release and even a fourth has been mentioned.

In the third release which is to be named Independence Day 3, the Earth Space Defense unit was supposed to invade space this time around. The war would hereby shift from aliens making claims on earth to mankind defeating them even in space. This film would also give birth to Independence Day 4, but they are yet to divulge details about the fourth film. Furthermore, even the release date of the third film has not been announced as a lot of challenges have been faced by the production team due to the failure of Independence Day: Resurgence in 2016.

Has The Movie Been Cancelled?

Although there has not been a release date for Independence Day 3, the movie is yet to be canceled as far as the producer, Dean Devlin, is concerned. However, he is still skeptical about the continuation of the film because the immediate prequel was a failure. Its reception was very poor as it recorded only 30% on the Rotten Tomatoes site. Moreso, even though the first film was a major hit in the box-office, most critics did not rate it high as it had about 64% on the Tomatometer. It is also gathered that there was some sought of a squabble between the cast members and some of them have not been matched with fully developed characters to capture the talent of the cast members depicting them.

More so, the American franchise which was under the control of 20th Century Fox has now moved under the Walt Disney company. The two firms which merged in March 2019 had a deal in which Walt Disney controlled a major part of Fox films hence the possibility of a continuation of the Independence Day films is still being debated. At this juncture, avid followers of the series should only hope that Independence Day 3Β found worthy of being released by Walt Disney.

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