Is Alien Covenant A Sequel To Prometheus, What Is The Connection?

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Alien Covenant is a well-known science fiction film based on a story by Jack Paglen and Michael Green. It is a part of the installments of the original Alien franchise. The first film installment was released in 1979, followed by a second in 1986. The sequel to the 1986 film titled Alien 3 was released in 1992 while the fourth installment titled Alien: Resurrection came in 1997.

The recent release from the series featured popular Hollywood actors like , , and Billy Crudup. It was directed and produced by award-winning director Ridley Scott. The film was first released in Leicester in the United Kingdom before it was later released in the United States of America on May 19, 2017.

The 2017 film tells the story of a certain colony ship crew that docks on an undiscovered planet that has so many frightening mysteries. The storyline of Alien Covenant is believed to be a continuation of the story of fellow Alien series movie Prometheus. Read on as we take a look at the highs and lows of the science fiction film, as well as the connection between the sequel and prequel.

Is Alien Covenant A Sequel To Prometheus?

Prometheus is a film written by Damon Lindelof and Jon Spaihts which starred Hollywood stars like Michael Fassbender, , , , and . The film which was released globally in 2012 first premiered in Paris, France, after which it was released in the United Kingdom before finally premiering in the United States of America on June 8th, 2012. The American film was distributed globally by the popular production company, 20th Century Fox. Moreso, the director of both Alien Covenant and Prometheus, Ridley Scott, revealed on several platforms that Alien Covenant is a sequel to the 2012 film. By this, he means that the movie is a follow-up on Prometheus and it builds on the storyline of the prequel.

What Is The Connection Between The Two Films?

Despite the fact that Alien Covenant is a sequel to Prometheus, it is also the second release of the Alien prequel series and the sixth release of the overall Alien film series. This is so because Prometheus was the fifth release of the overall Alien series.  However, the 2012 Sci-Fi movie, Prometheus which was a prequel to the original Alien series fared better than Alien Covenant at the box office. The latter grossed over $240 million on an average budget of $110 million while the former was a huge box office hit, grossing a massive $403.4 million on an average budget of $125 million.

It is also interesting to know that the Prometheus film sets in the year 2091 with two archeologists, Elizabeth Shaw and Logan Marshall-Green portrayed by and Charlie Holloway respectively, discovering a star map that leads them to an unchartered planet alongside their crew. On the other hand, Alien Covenant is a follow-up film to the former. It starts around the year 2103 with the crew embarking on an expedition to colonize the newly found planet. Michael Fassbender portrays the role of the only android member of the crew. A significant part of Alien Covenant is played on the home planet of the Engineer – the same one that Shaw and Marshall-Green set out for towards the ending part of Prometheus.

Sources also have it that in the Alien series, the year range 2103-2122 is covered by other sequels that are yet to be released. The original Alien film released in 1979 describes the events that occurred in the year 2122 of the movie. Aliens 2 which was released in 1986 portrays the events that led to an expedition of inquiry into what led to the invasion by the aliens on the moon. The events around the year 2179 were captured in Aliens 3 which was released in 1992.

The film Alien: Resurrection which was released five years after the release of Alien 3 sets around the year 2379. The events of the former film set in motion a possible sequel to Alien: Resurrection. The sequel to the latter was to be titled a possible Alien 5 but later became known as Prometheus which later ended up as a prequel to Alien Covenant. Scott Ridley described the film that is yet to be released as the origin stories that will shed light on some unanswered questions that bother around the Alien world. The award-winning director reveals that there will be two more Alien prequel films after Alien Covenant.

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