Is Aquaman A God? What Are All Of His Powers?

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DC Comics have provided us with some of the best superheroes in the past. Wielding a Trident blessed by Poseidon, one of the finest is Aquaman who has become a source of fascination for many. Revered among the strongest superheroes, he is a member of the Justice League and sometimes seen as the weakest member of the league.

Though Aquaman has been portrayed in many comic books, his identity has still remained somewhat confusing, as well as the powers he has. Below are all the explanations you need.

Who is Aquaman?

While he is better known as Aquaman, his real name is Arthur Curry. He is a fictional superhero who made his debut in 1941 with an appearance in More Fun Comics as a creation of Mort Weisinger and Paul Norris.

He has evolved in comics through the years before coming to have his own solo comic book series and becoming one of the founding members of the Justice League. He was born to a father who was a famous undersea explorer and a mother who was Atlantean.

Is Aquaman A God?

Being one of the strongest and most respected superheroes, Aquaman has been believed by some to be a god. However, he is not a god. As already stated, his father was human while his mother was Atlantean who died during his birth and so, he was brought up by his father who taught him most things he came to know, including how to live underwater.

His character has so much drawn from Greek mythology, linking him to the Greek gods. Nonetheless, he has no relation to them. This simply means that he is neither a god nor is he a demigod. Instead, he is just a superhero who has so many powers and has a personality and many abilities that were drawn from maritime divinities.

In particular, he has powers that have been likened to that of the Greek god Poseidon. But that is easy to understand since he was born in the Atlantean city of Poseidonis. His mother was a queen while his father was a wizard.


What Are His Powers?

Aquaman has many powers that have made him one of the strongest superheroes, especially when it comes to water and the weather. Here are some of his powers:

1. Super Strength

One of the main powers of this superhero is that he has super strength. On land, he is still one of the least powerful superheroes which is why he is seen by many to be among the weakest members of Justice League. However, as far as water is concerned, he has extravagant strength to lift things and do many other tricks.

2. Speed

Aquaman has a superhuman speed which cannot be matched in the water where he can be as fast as 7,000 miles per hour. Even when he is on land, he maintains this power, although he is not as good as other superheroes such as The Flash. Nonetheless, he is fast enough to avoid lightning strikes and dodge bullets.

in addition to this power, he is also able to open the portal to different dimensions, thanks to his water-bearer hand through which he got many magical abilities. This power has made it possible for him to deal with extradimensional and extraterrestrial threats. He can also leap at great heights on land, but as pointed out, he is at his best when he is in water.

3. The power of telepathy

If you have followed Aquaman, you will easily realize that he is able to communicate with fishes and the entire marine life. However, what he really does is to control them through the power of telepathy. He also has that power on other creatures on land but the power is only to some degree.

4. He has the power to control the weather

Of course, he is not a god but through his power over the sea, he is able to control the weather. The thing, however, is that this power is limited to using the seas to change the weather and this power comes from his water-bearer hand.

5. Power over all the sea

Through The Clear, which is the force connecting all aquatic elements and life, Aquaman has so many powers over all waterbodies to a good degree and can get them to do certain things. More so, he can weaponize any aquatic life into doing his bidding.

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