Jennifer Brennan Biography – 5 Facts you Need To Know

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Ever heard of the television series Shipping Wars? If you have, then you most certainly have heard of Jennifer Brennan. She is a reality television personality and a shipper extraordinaire. Brennan may do this for a living nowadays, but she had never really focused on it full-time until after her time on the series.

The show aired for seven seasons on A&E and Brennan was part of the main cast throughout. On the show, the transporter has shipped everything from exotic horses to a million-dollar Ferrari. And she’s made a lot of bank shipping items that traditional shipping companies are uncomfortable dealing with.

Jennifer Brennan’s Biography

Information available about Jennifer’s background, upbringing, and family, are few and far between. It is known, however, that she was born on February 11, 1969, in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.

She only came into the spotlight after she joined the cast of A&E’s Shipping Wars, a show that premiered on January 10, 2012, and ran until April 29, 2015. Here are a few pertinent facts about the transporter’s life and business.

5 Interesting Facts About Jennifer Brennan

1. She was an Equestrian Before Shipping Wars

Brennan has always been an animal lover, horses especially. After she was done with her University education, she decided to utilize her love for horses by learning how to train and ride them. She subsequently went into business transporting quarter horses and other kinds of animals around the country.

It was her love for horses and the fact that she could make a business out of it that paved her way to Shipping Wars. Since joining the show, however, her company, Tie ‘Em Down Transport, has expanded way beyond delivering only animals.

2. Brennan Made about $1000 on Average Per Episode on the Series

Shipping Wars was a real-life business show where various shippers came together to bid on a shipment in an auction format. At the end of the allotted time, the shipper with the lowest bid usually got the job.

At the end of each shipping job, a break down of the cost of the job was displayed on the screen to determine the profit from the job. Jennifer Brennan was a mainstay on all 7 seasons and calculating for all that time, the shipper was evaluated to have grossed $4000 on a weekly average. And for participating in the show, she was reported to earn a salary of $1,000 per episode shot.

Different sources have put her net worth at anywhere between $600,000 and $1.2 million.

3. She is Nicknamed the Texas Cowgirl

Or just “The Cowgirl” as she was often called on the series. The transporter’s nickname comes from the fact that she grew up on a ranch. It is little wonder that she eventually started a transport business shipping animals.

She also had some hobbies that are considered for women; she used to frequently ride dirt bikes in her younger years.

4. She is in a Relationship with Todd Foster

Jennifer Brennan did find time for love. She has been in a relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Todd Foster, since 2012. Todd and Jennifer are engaged now but the timeline of this event is not known.

Jennifer gave birth to their son in 2013. She and her beau started announcing her pregnancy and posting pictures of her baby bump on May 18, 2013. On October 23, 2013, Brennan delivered their son, Brennan Grey Foster.


5. Brennan is a Certified Accountant and a Former Model

Jennifer Brennan, besides her work as a transporter, has other skills too. For example, she is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a skill she no doubts acquired during her time at the University. This is definitely a skill she would be thankful for now that she has a business and has to keep an eye on her books.

Post-entrepreneurship, Brennan also used to be a model. For exactly when she was a model and for how long is not known. But this explains her love for sports (she is a fan of the University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide football team) and fitness regimens.

Of course, she also has the body to go with it. The model turned businesswoman maintains her 5 feet 7-inch frame at a healthy and athletic weight of 64 kg. She also has a bust size of 34 inches; waist size of 24 inches; and hip size of 34 inches.

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