Maria Bamford Bio, Husband and Other Lesser Known Facts

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Being a comedian, Maria Bamford has grown to be known for her peculiar style of doing comedy which has earned her the admiration of many who believe she is a clown of genius, genuine and relevant as her works centres on subjects that are generally ignored.

You only have to watch Maria perform once to observe that her jokes have a connotation of self-hatred and revolve around themes ranging from dysfunctional families to mental illness, money-related depression and anxiety.

Maria Bamford Bio

Apart from being a comedian, Bamford has equally established herself as an actress and voice actress. She has had a handful of roles in film and much more in television. Records of her works which expands to web series and documentaries wouldn’t be complete if one fails to mention that the complete list of her phonograph recordings is quite robust.

The comedian was born on the 3rd day of September 1970. Records documented that her place of birth was in California’s Port Hueneme Naval Base. She was brought up in Duluth, Minnesota. As at the time of her birth, her dad (Joel Bamford) was working as a doctor with the Navy.

In Duluth, Maria got her earliest formal education after which she moved on to Maine’s Bates College in Lewiston. At this point in her life, she was severely depressed and emotionally unstable to such extent she attempted harming herself.

Maria would later transfer to the Scotland University of Edinburgh where she became an active member of a comedy group. But this wouldn’t last for long as Maria saw the need to return home after a year to study at the University of Minnesota. It was at this institution that she eventually grabbed for herself a Creative Writing Bachelor of Arts degree.

Is She Married, Who’s Her Husband?

Although some people were speculating about Maria’s love life, many, considering her age, just assumed she has no interest in such things as a romantic affair. Owing to this, it was quite a surprise when the comedian announced sometime in December 2014 that she has been in love with a man.

Maria revealed that the man is Scott Marvel Cassidy, an artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who is quite famous for his drawings, paintings and sculpture works. If Maria’s fans were happy for her when she disclosed this, they were overjoyed when they learnt that she’s engaged to the artist. 

The Maria-Scott union eventually, officially kicked off in 2015 when they had a private ceremony to mark the beginning of their marriage. To the best of our knowledge, the two are happy together but are yet to have any kids.


Other Lesser-known Facts About The Comedian

She’s Celebrated but Dispised in Some Quarters

If there is one thing you don’t know about this comedian, it’s probably the reason behind her style of comedy. While this has earned her a place in the entertainment industry and the respect of many, she is equally been denounced and reviewed in a disapproving manner at several quarters by people who have maintained that her self-deprecation comedy isn’t funny and a thing to worry about.

Bamford Has a History of Mental Breakdown

Largely, what has been inspiring Bamford’s style of comedy isn’t far-fetched – she has a history of mental breakdown. But if you insist on knowing more about why she performs the way she does and ask her about this, Bamford would most likely point out that she developed an interest in talking about money-related negative emotions as she battled poverty for several years after she left college.

More to that, she would specify that her mental illness got her wanting to talk about the health condition in such a way that engages people thoughtfully, engendering an awareness on the misunderstandings surrounding mental illness and at the same time, still make people laugh.

Her Fame Isn’t Spontaneous

Maria Bamford’s fame isn’t spontaneous she has been around the limelight for years before she eventually started earning the widespread attention she now enjoys of which she was quite worried about. As far as we can tell, Maria started doing stand-up in college. Initially, she was a violinist. She started playing at the age of three and even performed on stage. But, she couldn’t derive much fun from it and started integrating being a violinist with stand-up.

She Comes from a Family of Doctors

The only known sibling of Maria Bamford is Sarah Seidelmann. We uncovered that she is a shaman and a doctor just like their mum, Marilyn Bamford who is a therapist and their dad, a dermatologist. They provided strong support for Marie who was diagnosed with an obsessive-compulsive disorder and bipolar disorder.

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