Maui Chapman – Biography, Facts About Leland Chapman’s Ex-Wife

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Maui Chapman is the ex-wife of American television personality, bail bondsman and bounty hunter who is famous for the show Dog the Bounty Hunter. The celebrity couple dated for a long time before coming together as husband and wife in a marriage that thereafter lasted for 10 years. However, after being married for so long, the once happy couple soon got divorced, parted ways and went on to live their private lives.

Being that Maui is someone who avoids publicity, a lot still remains unknown about her background and post-divorce life. However, all that will be curtailed to a great extent here as we present to you all that we know about Maui Chapman below.

Maui Chapman – Biography

Maui Chapman was born in the year 1957 in Kailua which is a town on the east coast of the island of Oahu, in Hawaii the United States of America. There are no words out there about who her parents are, neither are there any on whether or not she has siblings and where they are.

Maui Chapman got famous following her relationship with television personality Leland Chapman. The duo reportedly dated for a couple of years before getting married in 1995. Leland is known for television programmes such as Dog and Beth: On the Hunt, and The Family Speaks. In addition, he, alongside his family members run the reality show titled .

In the course of their marriage, Maui got as much media attention as her husband who was already a fan favorite on television. They bore two children together named; Dakota Chapman, who was born on the 24th day of March 1995, and years later, her sibling Cobie Chapman was born on December 7, 2000. As their marriage struck the 1-decade mark, it seriously began to wobble. Speculations flooded the media on what the problem between them could possibly be. On one part, it was said that they were splitting as a result of irreconcilable differences which had lingered between the two for quite some time. Another version of the story had it that Maui Chapman filed for divorce as a result of Andrew Luster filing charges against Leland Chapman in 2003 which could possibly get Leland behind bars for a long time. The third version of the story behind their marital debacle was speculated to be Leland’s extra-marital affairs. Whatever be the actual reason, the once lovey-dovey couple turned their back on each other.

Being that there was no prenuptial agreement between them prior to their marriage, their whole divorce process turned into a messy affair. The marriage finally got terminated on 21st April 2005. Since getting divorced, Maui Chapman has led a quiet life away from the media unlike her ex-husband who is noted to have been in several other relationships afterward.

He dated Lynette Yi and had a daughter named Leiah Breanna Chapman with her. They began having problems in their relationship before deciding to quit. Leland then dated Jamie Pilar and subsequently married her sometime in 2016. They have been together since then.

Other Facts About Leland Chapman’s Ex-Wife 


There is no detailed account of Maui Chapman’s educational accomplishments, but the only record we have with regards to her schooling is that she attended Rampart High School located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States.

Social Media

Maui Chapman is one woman who shuns media attention as much as she can. Her penchant for privacy has manifested in her abstainence from social media despite its mouth-watering benefits. This, therefore, informs that she has no personal and verified social media presence at least in the trio of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. All those accounts with her name are purportedly false.

As she has chosen to live her life away from the glare of the media and the public, it is believed everything is going well with her. At least, she has not been on the news for the wrong reasons.

Body Measurements and Features

Maui might not have gotten famous for being a model, but in her own right, she is beautiful to a large extent. Her body weight, bust measurement as well as her waist and hips stats have not been disclosed, but we know that Maui Chapman stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches or 1.8m.

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