Pandora – 6 Things To Know About The Sci-Fi Action Series

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In the past few years, Star Wars and Star Trek have dragged themselves to an elevated pedestal in the motion picture scene. Because of this, it is only normal for many other productions to be influenced by them. The CW has also made a similar attempt with its new show Pandora, although it has thus far missed the mark by some good miles.

The Sci-Fi series was released for the first season in July 2019. Coming under the torchlight of the CW, a network that has been into the production of some great comic book shows on TV, there was a lot of expectations and it has generated a lot of talks since its first release. Beyond all that, here are things to know about the Sci-Fi series:

6 Things to know about Pandora

1. Storyline

The CW production is a futuristic science-fiction series, something that the network has not done in a while. It tells the story of a woman, Jacqueline ‘Jax’ Zhou, portrayed by Priscilla Quintana. After the tragic deaths of her parents, she makes an attempt at rebuilding her life while at the same time, trying to uncover what happened to them.

Because of this, she decides to enter EarthCom Fleet Training Academy where she finds out that she has not known who she really is. This discovery of her new identity forces her on a journey to find more answers, something that she would push boundaries to do.

2. Reception

After the release of the show which was set in 2199, it became obvious that it drew inspiration from some of the most successful franchises out there such as Star Wars and Star Trek. The only thing is that it failed for a lot of people to make any significant impact.

Although like everything else, it works for some people, the reception is generally poor on many platforms including IMDB where it currently manages less than 4 out of 10 from more than 1700 votes.

3. Pandora season 2 has been announced

Following the first season of the show, The CW has announced that it is renewing the show for yet another season. The announcement came after the network also renewed another of its shows, The Outpost. With the first season only averaging 544,000 views each week, it is remaining to see what the second season will offer.

Pandora season 2 is expected to start airing in 2020. However, the plot is yet to be revealed.

4. Cast members

Pandora has some great actors on the list of its cast members for the first season. Among the cast members are Priscilla Quintana who takes the role of Jacqueline ‘Jax’ Zhou, Oliver Dench as Xander Duvall, Raechelle Banno who takes the role of Atria Nine, and Ben Radcliffe who as stated, takes the role of Ralen.

Others who also appear in the series are Banita Sandhu who appears as Delaney Pilar, Martin Bobb-Semple as Thomas James Ross, Noah Huntley who portrays Donovan Osborn, and Tehmina Sunny as Regan Field.

5. Ben Radcliffe got an injury on every fight scene

Coming from the Planet Zatar to earth, Ben Radcliffe plays the character of alien Ralen. He revealed that although his character was not intended to fight in the original script, he pushed for it and that was allowed. The outcome is that he ended up with an injury in every fight scene.

He revealed, however, that he is not scared of getting hurt as he is already used to it.

6. Will Pandora be on Netflix?

The CW has an existing deal with Netflix which will have some of its shows put on the streaming site after their final episodes have been aired. However, Pandora does not fall within the shows that are to be streamed on the streaming site. What this means is that based on the existing deal, it will not be on Netflix automatically.

This conclusion is mainly because, when you consider the dismal performance of the show so far, it will be very hard for one to believe that Netflix will put its money on it. Hence, for now, it is more than safe to assume that the show will not make it to Netflix, at least until the ratings change for good.

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