The Guest Book: Why the Greg Garcia’s TBS Series Won’t Return For Season 3

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One of the ways that television shows differ from movies is in terms of continuity and the amount of time that is dedicated to exploring the life of each character on the show; this is one of the most endearing features of this form of media. However, there are some that do not have this continuity in the story or explore the lives of each character in depth; the episodes in these shows do however share a common theme. Television shows like these are called anthologies and the TBS show The Guest Book which has come to an end can be described as having these features.

To know more about the demise of the show The Guest Book, keep reading.

The Progress of The Guest Book

As already stated, anthologies share a common theme and for The Guest Book, the common theme in this anthological television show are the towns that are known for having an inflow of people on vacation. The series is on the lives of guests who visit vacation properties that are available for rent in these small towns, as well as on the lives of some of the residents of these towns.

The first season of the show which aired for the first time in 2017 on the 3rd of August, features the Froggy Cottage as the vacation location; this cottage is located in Mount Trace, a fictional mountain town. The show was written in a way that the residents of the town are the season’s regular and when a guest visits the cottage they are the guest star for that episode. Season two takes place in a location that is very different from the one in the first season. That location is Barefoot Retreat and is in the beach town, Mabel Beach.

This comedy television show which airs on TBS is written by Greg Garcia. The idea for the story was birthed from a habit that Garcia has when he visits hotels, whenever he’s visiting hotels while on vacation, Garcia would sign into the hotel with a fake alias. The name of the show is gotten from the logbook entries of the guests who are made to document the different things they felt during their holiday in the town, these documentations are done in the vacation home’s guest book.

Why the Greg Garcia’s TBS Series Won’t Return For Season 3

Reactions to the show were mostly favorable, with critics praising the writing and humor in the story. But, on the 13th of September, 2019, Greg Garcia took to Twitter and using the meme of a conversation between himself and his child, he announced the demise of the show, this elicited reactions from the few fans who love the show. TBS had decided that they were no longer going to produce the show, the reason to end The Guest Book in its second season is the decline in ratings. The show started to air in 2017 and since its inception, the ratings have never been steady, by the second season of the show, the ratings were down by 25% from what it was in the first season.

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In the course of the show, twenty episodes have been released with each season having ten episodes. The anthological nature of the show meant that there were no major characters as the story was constantly in motion, focusing on each vacationer who visited the towns in the two seasons.

Regardless of this lack of major characters, there were eight characters that appeared in each episode. Charlie Robinson, Eddie Staples, Jimmy Tatro, Dan Beirne, Lou Wilson, Carly Jibson, Kellie Martin and Kimiko Glenn are the actors who play these characters, with some of them acting as more than one character. Arjay Smith, Laura Bell Bundy, Margo Martindale, and John Milhiser were some of the few recurring guests on the show. Greg Garcia also appeared on the show in different episodes.

When the studio confirmed Garcia’s announcement that the show had come to an end, viewers of the show and fans of Garcia also mentioned how he is a brilliant writer, making it a point to mention some other television shows and films he had worked on in the past but the brilliance of his writing was not enough to provide the higher viewership that the studio required to keep producing and airing the show.

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