The Truth About Baekhyun and Taeyeon’s Dating and Breakups: Are They Now Back Together?

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Celebrities often tend to live in their own world, hooking up with each other and breaking up shortly after. In fact, a lot of times, it seems these relationships are intentionally written into the fabric of their career’s storyline to keep their fan base engaged. Was this the case with Baekhyun and Taeyeon’s relationship?

Baekhyun and Taeyeon are two of the most loved musicians in their home country of South Korea and beyond. They are both important assets to their entertainment company, SM Entertainment. Taeyeon is the leader of the ultra-popular girl group, Girls’ Generation, while Baekhyun plies his trade as a main vocalist for the boy band EXO. However, they both have successful careers as solo artists besides the success they enjoy with their respective groups.

Since the beginning of their relationship to their breakup in September 2015, the rumor mills have never stopped spinning information concerning these two former love birds. So who are these two musicians? So what is the real situation of things with Taeyeon and Baekhyun? Did they really date at all or was it all a show? What was the reason for their break up and are they getting back together?

Baekhyun and Taeyeon, Who are they and How Did They Get Famous?

Baekhyun was born on May 6, 1992, in Bucheon, South Korea. The singer attended the Culture and Arts Business Department at Kyung Hee Cyber University. He joined SM as a trainee in 2011 and was debuted as part of EXO a year later. EXO has garnered enviable success since then, memorably clinching the Album of the Year Award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, five years in a row. Baekhyun owns his own fashion brand which he debuted in July 2018, called Prive by BBH. He also came out as a solo artist a year later with his song “UN Village.”

Taeyeon is three years older than her ex-beau and has at least a year of experience on him. The Jeonju native was born on March 9, 1989. Taeyeon’s journey to being recruited for Girls’ Generation started in 2004 when she contested in the SM 8th Annual Best Contest and came out tops in the singing category. She had to travel from her home to Seoul almost every day during her trainee days. Taeyeon is also a member of the Girls’ Generation sub-group TaeTiSeo (TTS). Like Baekhyun, she also has a solo career which she debuted in October 2015 with the album I.

Baekhyun and Taeyeon’s relationship started in June 2014

The two musicians were already friends long before they officially started seeing each other. Baekhyun came on SM’s radar and was recruited by the label in 2011 as a trainee. It was then that he met Taeyeon who was already a star and singing sensation as part of Girls’ Generation. However, against expectations, the two of them quickly transcended the typical celebrity-fan relationship and became fast friends.

Taeyeon took a liking to him partly because of his tenacity and passion for his craft. As a result, she decided to take him on and become a sort of mentor to him. It wasn’t long before news began to spread that the two were dating and there was a lot of “evidence” for the rumor. For one, they were spotted on numerous occasions wearing matching items or accessories. They also seemed to be sending each other cryptic messages on their Instagram. The rumors came to a head when pictures of the two seemingly going on dates were published by Dispatch Magazine.

Owing to the publication, SM Entertainment decided to make a public announcement confirming that Baekhyun and Taeyeon’s dating rumors were indeed true.

This news was not received well and garnered an unprecedented backlash from their fans. For the Girls’ Generation singer, most of the flack she received came from the Baekhyun’s female fans. In a bid to calm the storm, both singers released statements apologizing to their fans for taking them by surprise. They also went further to promise that they will continue to do their individual best to keep making their fans happy.

These apologies seemed to have the intended effect and the two love birds moved on with their careers and their love life. Sadly, the relationship did not last very long and after fourteen months of romance, they decided to call time on their relationship in September 2015.

Rumors that followed the breakup revealed that Baekhyun and Taeyeon had actually been struggling to keep their romance afloat. In fact, some sources close to them revealed that they had taken a break from each other on more than one occasion before finally deciding to call it quits. The official reason for their breakup was tied to their busy schedules. However, many fans do not believe this, especially after Taeyeon unfollowed the EXO singer in late 2014.

Are Baekhyun and Taeyeon back together?

Being a celebrity means that there is always news about you whether it is true or not. So is the case with these love birds. Years after they have moved on with their lives and careers, the two seemed to have maintained a close friendship. However, some fans still believe that their closeness is more than just friendship and they have some clues to point to too to buttress their assertion.

In 2017, SM Entertainment took its artist roster on a trip to Jeju Island. On the trip, pictures were naturally taken and two, in particular, caught the attention of fans. One was of Baekhyun wearing a striped black and white button-down shirt and the second was of Taeyeon holding that same shirt. That was considered a huge sign for two people who used to be lovers.


Also, in May 2018, they seemed to have renewed their cryptic communication on Instagram. Taeyeon made a post asking if she should delay doing her assignment and two days later, Baekhyun made a post on his Instagram talking about procrastinated assignments.

While some hold on to these as proof of their rekindled romance, others think that the entire thing was scripted from the beginning. These fans believe that the relationship was merely a way to kill the rumor that Taeyeon was lesbian and that SM was embroiled in a lawsuit from Kris, a former member of EXO. To make matters worse, a note leaked by an anonymous staff of SM, revealed some of SM’s long term plans and a romance between Baekhyun and Taeyeon was on the list. The list was from as far back as 2012. SM didn’t say anything after the official 2015 breakup and have remained tight-lipped on the leaked note. So fans are basically left to make up their minds on what the real story could be.

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