Tom Oar Bio – Net Worth and All About The Mountain Men Star

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In the wake of modern technology, there have been a plethora of creations that have aided the existence of mankind; one of these creations is the television. Not only does it inform and entertain, it also gives fame and wealth. One of its many recipients of fame and wealth is Tom Oar who is known for being a part of the reality television show, Mountain Men. Here is all you need to know about his time on the show and how much wealth he has been able to accrue from it.

Who is Tom Oar and How Old is He?

Mountain Men which Tom Oar owes his fame to is a show that appeals to a small group of people and airs on the History Channel, a channel that not a lot of people are prone to watch. This sort of obscurity means that not a lot is known of Tom Oar.

He was born in Illinois, sometime in 1943. Nothing about his childhood or formal education is known. Chike Oar, his father, is the only member of his family that is publicly known.

The show Mountain Men chronicles the lives of people who have chosen to live off the grid and far from civilization. Tom Oar is one of such people. It is known that prior to the life he lives now; he was residing in Northern Illinois but decided to move to Montana State where he lives now. His decision to move to Montana was fueled by his fascination with rodeo. As a young man in his twenties, he participated in the sport and was a rodeo cowboy, but he quit that and decided that he was going into hunting and tanning.

It is believed that when he moved to Montana, the northwestern part of the state, he moved with just a chainsaw and upon getting there he bought a piece of land. This chainsaw was used to fall trees and the trees, in turn, were used to build a cabin on the land he purchased. He lives in this cabin with his wife, Nancy Oar.

Before he was discovered by the producers of the show, he had long lived in Troy, Montana in the woods close to the Yaak River and made money by making moccasins and different types of clothing, all of which are made from animal skins that he had tanned. The proceeds from the sale of his clothes were what he and his wife survived on, the food he got from hunting meant they did not have to do a lot of grocery shopping, which would have been very difficult for them to do as they live miles from a grocery store.

Tom Oar joined the show in 2012, which was when the first season aired and he has remained on the show for all eight seasons. His wife, Nancy is a recurring member of the cast. Oar is one of the twelve people who have been part of the main cast of the show and of the twelve, he is one of the three who were the original members of the cast, all members of the cast live in different locations in the country.

The other members of the cast who are still on the show are Eustace Conway, Marty Meierotto, Morgan Beasley, Jason Hawk, Margaret Stern, Jake Herak, and Mike Horstman. These are the former members of the cast, who left the show for different reasons, Rich Lewis, George Michaud, Charlie Tucker, Kyle Bell, and Brent Jameson.

Details of His Net Worth

Mountain Men is a relatively successful show and this means that the stars of the show, including Tom Oar, live fairly comfortable lives, regardless of their disconnect from modern civilization. His net worth is estimated to be $200,000 which he has amassed from the sale of his tanned clothing and moccasins and from being a part of the TV show.

Other Interesting Facts About The Mountain Men Star

· Tom Oar stands at a height of 6 feet while he weighs 80 kilograms.

· Tom and Nancy Oar have three children, Chad, Jack and Keelie, all three of them live in Chicago.

· Oar’s father was part of the Wild West Show and it was during that time he fell in love with the rodeo.

· As a result of their location and distance from other people, Tom and Nancy have lived without constant electricity and water for more than seventeen years. This is a small feat when placed in relative terms to the country he lives in.

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