Who are The Current Members of 24K and Why Did Cory Leave

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The 24k members came together as a sub-unit involving only four members but quickly metamorphosed into a six-member group. The exceptional display of talent by the group members when they released their first mini-album will throw any lover of music off balance. The dance floor was wild as the 24k dance crew showed a lot of acrobatic displays of dance steps like never before. The group originally debuted with Cory, Seokjune, Kisu, Sungoh, Daeil, and Byung-ho as members in 2012. Their debut album is widely loved because of the raw display of vocal, instrumental and dance skills. You will love these guys as you read on.

Who are The Current 24k Members?

The 24k band has had fourteen members pass through it since the debut of the group’s mini-album, but as of now, the group has only five members left and these guys are not playing around with their art. They are always at the top of their games.


He is popularly known as the Changsun on stage. A dazzling vocalist and dancer, he was born on March 17, 1996, and graduated from Gukje University, in South Korea. Changsun’s love for music was evident in his choice of course at the university as he majored in Dance. Like most childhood dreams, he wanted to be an inventor as a child. It’s obvious he is still an inventor on stage, doing his music and putting a smile on the faces of his fans.


Kiyong was added to the list of 24k members in 2018, he is also a Korean and was born on March 25, 1999. Just an encounter with him on the stage is enough to convince you that he is an amazing vocalist. He is not an only child as he has an elder brother. His hobbies are watching cartoons, movies and reading webtoons. This guy doesn’t like rude, eccentric behavior and tasteless food. He studied at Kookje University. Check him out on social media Twitter: @24K_KiYong0325 or Instagram: @24k_kiyong.


Xiwoo was born on 6th June 2001 and he joined the 24k group in January of 2019 and falls among the 13% of the world’s trilingual population and he happens to be the Maknae of the group. Maknae is a term used for the youngest member of a boy group in the Korean hip-hop industry. His multilingual talent may be a result of his years of living abroad as he actually spent eight years abroad.


Imchan has an Aquarius zodiac sign because he was born on 24th January 2001. He is from Daegu, South Korea and he became part of the 24k members in 2019. Imchan is an amazing pianist and when he is delivering his art, you will be amazed at the outpour of love from the audience. He is exceptionally good at playing the piano.


Sungoh studied at Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts. He often likes to describe himself as a fashionista, romantic and a bit of scaredy-cat. Other group members usually taunt him as being chubby and had a low fashion taste before their debut. However, the narrative has changed now because Sungoh’s taste for fashion is evident in his dress sense.

Recognizing him won’t be an issue whenever you meet the 24k members. He is tall, has long legs and his height may be one of the reasons he chose basketball as a hobby and he loves to play the piano too. He is a lead vocalist and was born on 8th January 1991. His favorite food is chicken and favorite drink is chocolate.

Sungoh has one more habit that you may have noticed if you are familiar with this group, he loves to touch his lips. He had a dislocated shoulder in 2017 but has fully recovered from the injury. He has a role model in the person of Lee Seung-gi and Kim Hyunjoong. You may want to check him out on his social media handle: Twitter: @24k_sungo and Instagram: @24k_sungo.

Why Did Cory Leave The 24k Members?

The announcement came as a shock to the fans of Cory and the 24K group all over the world but there seems to be no bad blood here. Cory left the 24k group because his contract with the company has expired. The announcement also outlined that his stage name will now be Corbyn and he is set to pursue a career as a music producer.

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