Where is Hillary Clinton and What is She Doing Now?

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A lot of people are curious to know what the former 2016 Democratic presidential candidate has been up to since she lost to Donald Trump hence, the question where is Hillary Clinton and what is she doing now? Before we answer the questions, here’s a little background on the former US First Lady, Senator Secretary of State, .

Hillary Clinton can be described as one of the most recognizable women that have ever been a part of the United States government. Clinton’s first foray into politics was as the First Lady of the State of Arkansas when her husband, Bill Clinton, became the governor of the state. Her husband served two consecutive terms and he became president in 1993 which made her the First Lady of the country, a position she held for eight years.

But these initial years in politics were only made possible because of her marriage to the man who held the position of governor and president. By 2001, the same year her husband’s term as President ended, she became a Senator of New York, remaining so for nine years until 2009 when she became the Secretary of State under the Obama administration.

Nevertheless, the biggest achievement she has made in her political career happened in 2016 when she became the first woman to be nominated to take on the position of the President. Clinton declared her intentions to run for the position in 2015 and by the following year, she won the Democratic Party nomination for the presidency. The 2016 American Presidential race was a monumental one where she, unfortunately, lost to Donald Trump, who is the current president of the United States.

Where Is Hillary Clinton And What Is She Doing Now?

Following the loss she experienced at the 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton, to a large extent, went off the news and as a result, a lot of people began to ask, ‘where is Hillary Clinton and what is she doing now?’ Well, she has taken up a number of projects while continuing the work she was doing on other projects. The first project that she announced she will be taking on is the political action committee, Onward Together. This committee was created as a way to provide support to people who want to become more involved in the political process of their country as well as to encourage people to become more politically aware.

Prior to her presidential race, Clinton had authored a number of books, and with the loss of the presidency, she decided to go back to writing. The Book of Gusty Women is her latest authorial release, which she co-authored with her daughter Chelsea. This book tells the stories of women who have inspired the two Clinton women. The two are set to release more books in the future but this is not the only joint project that the mother-daughter duo is undertaking.

Clinton, who it seems is doing her best to get into a lot of projects, has also expressed an interest in creating a production company; this company will be created with the joint efforts of both Hilary and Chelsea. The aim of its creation is to curate the stories of women and create contents that are female-centric.

Her writing is not the only thing she used to do in the past that she has continued to do. Causes like cheaper healthcare and the rights of the LGBT community are what she used to lend her voice to in the past and she still continues to do so.

Clinton’s Stance On The Upcoming Election

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 defeat was a shock to a large number of people, who had hoped that she would set the record of being the first female president of the United States of America. But her 2016 attempt was not the first time she had made a bid for POTUS. In 2008, during the party primaries, Clinton had expressed a desire to run for president and ended up submitting a bid.

She was part of the party primaries but lost to the younger Barack Obama. In the upcoming 2020 elections, it has been speculated by a number of people that she will be returning to make a bid for the presidency, a statement that she has simply said is not true. Hillary Clinton has no interest in running for the presidency, the feat she achieved by becoming the first female presidential nominee from a major party is one that is already monumental and historical but after two attempts to run for president, she has no other interests in becoming POTUS.


Currently, she mostly makes commentary on political happenings in the United States, which is what she will continue to do during the upcoming elections. Clinton also plans to educate and inform people on the importance of expressing their democratic power by registering to vote or be voted for.

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