Who Are The Cast of Deadwood, Where Are They Now?

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True lovers of westerns would surely be in agreement that Deadwood stands out among western TV series and films in recent history. A thorough depiction of the wild west in its full glory, the series was set in late nineteenth-century South Dakota. Its creator, David Milch, through a rich blend of facts and fiction masterfully presented the story of Deadwood which started out as a camp for miners during the 1870s gold rush and later became a town. The cast of Deadwood could not have been better selected as the performances left legions of fans glued to their screens throughout the three seasons of the show and spanned with 2004 and 2006.

Although a fourth season never saw the light of day, a feature film was released in May 2019 as a sort of conclusion of the aired series. If you are a fan of the series and wonder what members of the cast are up to now, we have got you covered, just read on.

Who Are The Cast of Deadwood, Where Are They Now?

Timothy Olyphant

Olyphant played the role of Seth Bullock, temperamental former US Marshall turned sheriff of Deadwood. Bullock had originally relocated to Deadwood to start over as a hardware store co-owner with his friend and business partner Sol Star. However, incidences of crime and corrupt events in the camp led him to take on the role of the county sheriff. Olyphant’s most recently released work was Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a film in which he played the role of late western film actor James Stacy.

Ian McShane

McShane’s role in Deadwood was Al Swearengen. Al Swearengen is easily one of the most compelling characters of the show. Swearengen owned and operated The Gem Saloon of Deadwood but he was also one of the prominent leaders of the community.

McShane’s stellar performance of the Swearengen has earned him a few prestigious recognitions, including an award for Best Actor in a TV series Drama at the Golden Globe Award as well as a Primetime Emmy Award which he won for being for the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series category.

He continues to act and had a role in John Wick 3 which was released in 2019 (he had appeared in the first and second ones as well). He also appeared in Dead: The Movie (2019).

Molly Parker

The widely loved Canadian actress, Molly Parker played the role of Alma Garret in Deadwood. Alma Garret was a lady first married to Brom Garret, a claim seeker who gets thrown off a cliff after being swindled. After her husband’s death, she married a second time to Whitney Ellsworth who was a prospector. Ama was a somewhat troubled woman for a long period was dealing with laudanum addiction. She also had to deal with people like George Hearst trying to buy off the gold claim at a cheap rate as it turned out to be valuable unbeknownst to her late husband.

Parker’s most recent TV series appearance has been in Lost in Space which she plays the role of Maureen Robinson. She also appeared in Deadwood: The Movie.


Jim Beaver

Jim Beaver played Whitney Ellsworth, Alma’s second husband. Ellsworth was a prospector in Deadwood. He was prodded to make a marriage proposal to Alma by Trixie.

Beaver before his acting career was a member of the United States Marine Corp. He continues to appear in films and TV shows, his most recent TV series appearance was in The Boys were he played the role of Robert Singer in 2019.

William Sanderson

Sanderson played E.B Farnum was the owner of The Grand Central Hotel in Deadwood as well as the first mayor of the town. Sanderson is one was the cast of Deadwood who reprised her role in Deadwood: The Movie. He also appeared in the television series American Gods where he played the role of the Bookkeeper in 2019.

Gerald McRaney

McRaney portrayed the role of George Hearst, a controversial businessman whose mission in Deadwood was to prospect for gold and line his pockets with wealth at any cost. Some parties who challenged or threatened his ambitions wound up dead.

The septuagenarian McRaney most recently played Tom Campbell in the film, A Violent Separation and appeared on the TV series, Longmire playing the role of Barlow Connally

John Hawkes

John Hawkes is one of the key cast of Deadwood and he played the role of Sol Star who was one of the earliest residents of the Deadwood camp before it became a full town. Star co-owned the Star & Bulloch Hardware store with former US Marshall turned Deadwood sheriff, Seth Bullock. John Hawkes who has been nominated multiple times for various awards as an actor has appeared in two feature films in 2019 namely The Peanut Butter Falcon and End of Sentence. He has also appeared in Deadwood: The Movie as well as the TV series, Too Old to Die Young in 2019.

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