Who Are The Liv And Maddie Cast Members, Are They Real Twins In Real Life?

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Eighty episodes and four seasons later, the striking Liv and Maddie cast members may have moved on to other projects but we are yet to wrap our heads around the fact that their time on the show is over. It premiered on 19 July 2013 and the last episode aired on 24 March 2017.

The acclaimed American comedy television series plot revolves around identical twin sisters – Liv and Maddie Rooney. For Maddie, there’s nothing better than high school basketball and she wouldn’t be caught in high heels but will always opt for her comfy high tops. Liv, on the other hand, lives and breathes showbiz, she is all about the lights, camera, action and has been living the glitzy life of Hollywood for more than four years. When the TV star returns home, the disparity between the twins becomes very prominent, so much that it was hard to cohabit. Regardless of the different personalities and ambitions that set the two apart, they still share a strong bond which helped them in their endeavors.

Are They Real Twins In Real Life?

Over the years, we have seen identical twins getting us all confused on the set of Hollywood movies and series but Liv and Maddie are not one of them. The two characters were remarkably played by one person – but she had help. Applying a few visual tricks with the help of some extras who can pass as Dove at a glance, the crew was able to put up a good show and make it appear like Liv and Maddie were two different people. Disney Channel was kind enough to share some behind-the-scenes production secrets, revealing 2 body doubles, Emmy Buckner (Liv 2) and Shelby Wulfert (Maddie 2).

So, no, Liv and Maddie were not played by real-life twins. Let’s meet the ‘twins’ and the rest of the Liv and Maddie cast members.

Who Are The Liv And Maddie Cast Members?

Dove Cameron (Liv and Maddie)

With the help of a few tricks and body doubles, Cameron was able to pull off the challenging roles of the eponymous characters to rave reviews. Born January 15, 1996, the American actress and singer is popular for her role as Liv and Maddie but asides the Disney Channel teen sitcom, she has also appeared in Descendants and its sequels, among other projects. She appeared in all 80 episodes as part of Liv and Maddie cast members.

Joey Bragg (Joey Rooney)

Born July 20, 1996, the American actor and comedian was thrust to the limelight via his role as Joey in Liv and Maddie. Before he was introduced to us on the Disney show, Joey starred in Fred 3: Camp Fred, Mark & Russell’s Wild Ride and combined acting and stand-up comedy which he’s still thriving in. He also appeared in all 80 episodes of Liv and Maddie.

Tenzing Norgay Trainor (Parker Rooney)

His role as the youngest member of the Rooneys brought out the mischief in him. Born on September 4, 2001, Tenzin is one of the Liv and Maddie cast members who started the show and ended it. He has currently moved on to other projects like The Mick and Nickelodeon’s Knight Squad.

Kali Rocha (Karen Rooney)

The American actress portrayed the mother of the Rooney bunch in all the episodes of Liv and Maddie and later as the school vice principal. She also co-wrote four episodes of the show. The beautiful American actress was born on December 5, 1971.

Benjamin King (Pete Rooney)

He is an American actor born on November 8, 1971. He joined the Liv and Maddie cast members as the father of the Rooney family and also as the gym teacher at Ridgewood High where he coaches his daughter Maddie in the girls’ basketball team. He wasn’t a series regular and only appeared in 64 episodes.


Jessica Marie Garcia (Willow Cruz)

The boisterous character of Willow Cruz, Maddie’s bestie, endeared Jessica Marie to audiences who couldn’t get enough of her but she was not a regular face on the show and only appeared in 35 episodes. She was born on 23 March 1987 and since the show ended, she moved on to other interesting fun things like sketch comedy show Betch.

The Liv and Maddie cast members also include some recurring characters and guest stars like Ryan McCartan (Diggie), Bridget Shergalis (Stains), Herbie Jackson (Reggie), Miriam Flynn (Mrs. Snodgrass), Dwight Howard (Bernard), among a lot more.

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