Who is Joe Pera the Comedian? His Bio, and Other Facts to Know

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Joe Pera is no stranger to the stage and microphone. He’s been making a living from making people laugh and playing characters in movies and television series. Unlike most stand-up comedians who deliver their show very fast, Pera is well-known for dressing and talking like an old man on stage. Since he debuted in 2009, he has shown his humorous side at several comic shows and public gathering. Joe’s kind of comedy may not be for everyone but he sure has an overwhelming number of fans who are deeply in love with his brand.

Who is Joe Pera the Comedian?

He is a New York-based stand-up humourist famed for his spectacular comic timing performances. Pera captures people’s heart with his sluggish grandfather-like comedy delivery and his show mostly revolves around his Buffalo upbringing. On top of these, he has a special love for sweaters and he often appears in them in almost every performance together with his khakis. Every Tuesday at 8:30 pm, the comedian co-hosts a standup show called ‘Dan+Joe+Charles Show’ in Brooklyn, precisely at the New York Distilling Company.

Joe became a household name in the show business after launching his Adult Swim infomercial, Joe Pera Talks You to Sleep. In addition, he has performed on Late Night with as well as a stand-alone Adult Swim special titled Joe Pera Helps You Find the Perfect Christmas Tree. They were all successfully produced by his personal company called Chestnut Walnut Limited.

His years in the industry have also seen him feature in top-notch shows like New Timers and The Chris Gethard Show. Recently, Pera launched a live-action TV series for Adult Swim’s network titled Joe Pera Talks with You. The series first premiered in May 2018 and explores topics such as cornbread, English muffins, Orange, pancakes, toast, blueberries, sausage, eggs, orange juice, bacon, strawberries, coffee, waffles, and maple syrup. Apart from Joe Pera, other executive producers of the comedy series include Mark Costa, Walter Newman, Conner O’Malley, Marty Schousboe, and Keith Crofford.

His Bio, Age

The New York-based humorist’s full name is Joseph Pera. He was born to American parents in Buffalo, New York, on 24 July 1989. He is an American belonging to white ethnicity. Despite the height of his career and being prominent in showbiz, Pera has maintained a down-to-earth-personality. He hardly talks about his family background in front of the camera or at his shows – he keeps information about his life to himself alone. However, he shares a cordial relationship with his parents who attend his show sometimes. It is difficult to tell if he has siblings or not, as the comedian has never disclosed any information that suggests so.

Joe Pera graduated from Ithaca College, where he studied film. During his time at the Ithaca, New York-based institution, he took part in several stand-up competitions and eventually won three times. Shortly after his graduation, he decided to relocate to New York City to pursue his career in comedy. Upon his arrival in the city, Joe began honing his comic skills by attending mic nights in order to gain exposure in the industry.

There are a whole lot of comedy genres people delve into in the industry but Pera specifically deals on sketch comedy, character comedy, and observational comedy while exploring subjects like pop culture, social awkwardness, American culture, and everyday life.

Other Facts to Know About Joe Pera

1. Joe Pera has a with over 15k subscribers. He is also active on Instagram and Twitter, where his fans get to know more about his career and personal life.

2. The stand-up comedian has a soft spot for tomatoes. Due to his obsession with the fruit, he often litters his Instagram pictures with tomatoes.

3. He is a big fan of the professional American football team, the Buffalo Bull. He mostly incorporates this fact into this fast-growing comedy career.


4. In September 2017, Pera shared in on his social media page that he has a wife but he declined to reveal the identity of his wife or what she does for a living. Similarly, it is not known if the comedian has children of his own. Some unreliable sources, however, reported that the name of his wife is Lakeisha and that she shares two adorable daughters with Joe Pera. Heightline is yet to substantiate this report.

5. Pera’s net worth, as of 2018, is estimated at $1 million. Though his salary is still under review, the comedian, while speaking on Late Night with Seth Meyers, disclosed that he makes $1,000 from his show.

6. When Joe is not busy, he spends time cooking, reading, and traveling with his family.

7. Details about his body measurements are not available at the time of writing this report.

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