Who is Rich Lewis and What Happened To Him On Mountain Men?

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Rich Lewis is one of the few personalities who always remind us that nothing can ever beat nature. Leaving the civilized, glamorous, contemporary world, Lewis and his counterparts choose to dwell in the cold mountains with little or no provisions for survival. Rich Lewis and his mates star on the reality series Mountain Men which airs on History channel. Lewis is a Mountain Lion hunter in the show who together with his team of hounds tracks down mountain lions and other creatures. Find out more about the Mountain Men star as you scroll through.

Who is Rich Lewis and What Do We Know About Him?

Rich Lewis was born in Idaho, Northwestern US. We do not have much information about his early life or the exact date he was born. But it’s no hidden fact that Rich Lewis was always inclined to nature as a child. He preferred the secluded life, away from major distractions. He held on to this interest until his adult age.

Lewis and his wife of over two decades have been dwelling in the Ruby Valley of Montana. Although she does not join in the hunting, she is always there to give her husband all the emotional support he needs. Tracking down mountain lions and wolves has never been an easy task; everyone knows it to be a very risky job, but Lewis does it anyway. With his team of able hounds, he explores the thick woods of southern Montana.

It has been a challenging but suiting life for Lewis. Although he knows he is in a very dangerous world, he does not relent for a second. To Rich, life is all about nature and anything away from that should not be considered. During one of his hunts, he lost one of his hounds, Roxie, said to be his favourite. But instead of falling back, he toughened up and continued with his hustle. Rich Lewis’ presence at the Ruby Valley of Montana has boosted the morale of the valley dwellers.

Knowing that Rich has them covered indeed gives them a sense of security and relaxation. He always patrols the environs with his hounds tracking not just mountain lions but wolves and other dangerous creatures in the Ruby Valley. The hunter has gone further to guarding the people’s livestock during his patrol.

Rich Lewis joined the Mountain Men in the second season as a mountain lion hunter. Featuring on the reality series put him and his wife in the public eye. Many have touted his bravery and selflessness on the show making him a very popular figure in the contemporary world.


His Net Worth

Due to the peculiarity of the life of the natural man, there has been quite an interest in the show and in the way Rich lives; this interest has been enough for him to make some earnings from his appearance on the reality series. Rich Lewis’ appearance on Mountain Men has been described as his major source of income. Some sources have estimated his net worth to be around $300,000. This figure is said to be gotten from his paychecks from the producers of the show.

What Happened to Rich Lewis on Mountain Men?

Those who frequent History channel’s Mountain Men would surely be wondering whether Rich Lewis still features on the series. The lion hunter and his tenacious team of hounds stopped being regular towards the end of the sixth season. Many had thought it was only an on-screen agreement or just part of the show until Lewis failed to appear in the seventh season.

This then raised questions about his whereabouts including personal questions pertaining to his family. Rumours had it that he was dismissed from the series under some vague circumstances. However, it was later discovered that Rich Lewis gradually pulled out of the show for reasons pertaining to his age. Apparently, the hunter was becoming too old for his risky job and he was no longer strong enough to track down mountain lions and other animals.

Health they say is wealth and as we have seen, Lewis despite his mountain ways subscribes to this. It is not certain if the mountain lion hunter would make a return on the series. But fans are really hoping to see him again on the show.

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