Who Makes Atypical Season 3 Cast? The Story Line, Trailer and Release Date

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Autism is a very rare developmental disorder, which does not get a lot of representation in the media but the Netflix show Atypical is one of the few television shows that addresses this subject. The rarity of this disorder poses as a difficulty to writers and makers of film and television series to properly represent the lives of people who are plagued by the condition. However, this show has taken a leap into the unusual, thus, creating a large fan base. To learn more about Atypical season 3 cast, keep reading.  

The Storyline of Atypical Season 3

It is important to note that the behavioral patterns of people with autism are very atypical to what is commonly practiced by the majority of the human population, hence the title of the show. 

The show has aired two seasons with the release of the first season on the 11th of August, 2017. This season introduced viewers to the life of the lead character, Sam Gardener. Sam suffers from Autism and this affects the lives of his mother, sister, and father.

As the story progresses we learn of the sacrifices each member of his family makes to give him a great life, although he is eighteen by the time the story begins he is still in high school and struggles to express his romantic feelings for his therapist. The story of each character’s life is interwoven and in the process, a brilliant work of storytelling is given to the viewers of the show. 

By the show’s second season, Sam’s sister moves to a new high school on a track scholarship where she struggles to adjust to life there. The affair his mother is having comes to light while his father finds a way to juggle catering to Sam’s needs and running a household. Sam, on the other hand, is making good progress in his life, with his applying to college and getting a girlfriend. 

Atypical season 3 might focus on Casey, Sam’s sister who by the time the second season was ending, realized that she had feelings for a girl. These feelings have led her to question her sexuality. The romantic relationships of the other character will be scrutinized as well but for now, there is no clear information on the plot of the upcoming season. 

Who Makes Atypical Season 3 Cast?

The cast of the third season of Atypical will feature the talents of the previous members of cast from the first two seasons. , who plays Sam, will continue with this role. and Michael Rapport are the actor and actress that play Sam’s parents on the show. Leigh is his adulterous mother while Rapport is his absentee father. Casey, who is Sam’s younger sister, is played by Brigette Lundy-Paine. The only other major character is Julia Sasaki, the therapist that Sam sees and plays this role. 

Atypical season 3 mostly focuses on the life of Sam in relation with his family which is why the Gardner family make up the main characters. There are recurring characters of the cast as well, but it is expected that Fivel Stewart and Sara Gilbert will be part of the third season’s cast. Stewart played Izzie in season 2 while Gilbert will take on the role of Professor Judd, an Ethics professor. Nick Dodani, who plays the character of Zahid, Sam’s closest friend, will also be returning for the third season. 

Some of the members of cast and crew are people who actually suffer from Autism, the decision to include them in the filmmaking process was as a result of the backlash the makers of the show had gotten after its first season where there were no autistic actors or crew members. 


Trailer and Release Date

The decision that Atypical should have a third season was made in hastiness, right after the second season ended. Netflix noticed that fans wanted the story to continue and this led to the studio giving the green light for the production of Atypical season 3. However, a release date for the upcoming season has not been announced. As a result of this, the trailer for the new season has not been released yet and the official social media handles for the show has also revealed nothing on the release date for the third season.   

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